Assam Youth Develops ‘Theft-proof’ E-bike That Can be Controlled From Anywhere

An Assam youth, Samrat Nath, has built an e-bicycle that’s “theft-proof”. “If anyone tries to steal it then I’ll get a message on my phone and [an] alarm will be activated,” he told news agency ANI. Moreover, Nath, who hails from Assam’s Karimganj, has developed an app to control this bike, which can be operated from anywhere in the world. As per a Times Now report, the bike can go at a maximum speed of 40 and can cover 60 kilometres on a single charge. Nath, a student of Technology in Assam Rifles ITI, said that the bike can be controlled remotely and that its live location can also be tracked.

Nath had dreamt of making a bike like this since his childhood. It took him four years to bring it to fruition. The bicycle is equipped with sensors and tracking tech that can detect thieves. Its batteries are Lithium-ion ones, recycled from used laptops.

Recently, a 9th standard student, also from Karimganj, built a smart shoe sensor device that can help blind people in their motor abilities. Ankurit Karmakar, a student of Rowland’s Memorial High School has developed a smart shoe that can be of great aid to visually-impaired people. A cost-efficient and easy to affix, the sensor device can detect any object in the range of 5 meters and, with the help of a buzzer, can warn or alert visually-impaired people about any danger that is in their way.

Talking about the application and the benefits of the device, Ankurit, in an interview with Barak Bulletin, said, “This shoe can replace bamboo canes and help a blind from colliding or tripping over something.” Ankurit explained that the device is placed on one shoe, while the other is free. “The other foot can be used to check the obstacles, or even a cane can be used, whatever the person finds comfortable. The sensor, Ankurit said, can detect any object in front of it for up to 5 metres.

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