Assured people of safety and listened to their problems. Security increased with foot march in Muslim areas as well, officers listened to people’s problems

Kanpur3 hours ago

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Police commissioner Vijay Singh Meena and police force marching on foot.

Kanpur Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena took to the road on Tuesday night with police officers and heavy force. Marched on foot from Fazalganj to Anwarganj. During this, the police officers also listened to the problems of the public and assured them of security.

Vigilance increased in Muslim area, also marched on foot

Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena along with Additional Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari, DCP East Pramod Kumar, DCP South Raveena Tyagi and Police Station marched on foot. The march started from Fazalganj and went on till the streets of Chamanganj. Along with marching on foot in Muslim areas, vigil has been increased. The Commissioner interacted with the senior citizens of the area and directed the concerned officer to know their problems and resolve them soon. Starting from Fazalganj and ending at Anwarganj via Sisamau, Bans Mandi, Chamanganj, Latush Road.

Somewhere welcome, somewhere there is pain

During the foot march of the police, traders including others welcomed him at many places. So at many places people shared their pain with the police officers. The police officers also assured to solve the problem at the earliest.

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