Atmosphere of happiness at Harjinder’s house: Father Sahib Singh said – has reached this point, now the government should think about it

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The family rejoices at Harjinder Kaur’s house.

People of village Mehs in Nabha, Punjab have created a happy atmosphere since Tuesday morning. Her village’s daughter Harjinder Kaur has won the bronze medal in the ongoing Commonwealth Games (CWG 2022) in Birmingham, England today. Harjinder did 71 kg. 212 kg in weight category. lifted the load. After winning the medal, people are reaching Sahib Singh’s house in Mehs village to congratulate him.

The three-room house in which Harjinder grew up.

The sound of drums is heard as soon as one enters the village Mehs. The atmosphere of happiness in the whole village is such that there was no need to ask anyone for a way to find Harjinder’s house. When they entered the house, everyone was dancing with joy. Harjinder’s father Sahib Singh was embracing every visitor with a big smile and wishing him well. In a small house of three rooms, happiness was being celebrated like an enlarged palace. Parents, brothers and sisters were all jubilant with the medals embedded in the frame.

Now the government has to fulfill its duty

Father Sahib Singh told that not only he, but the whole village and the country is also happy about Harjinder’s victory. The father told that when Harjinder chose sports, the condition of the family was not good. But at the behest of one of his acquaintances, Harjinder went to the games. He put some emphasis and some hard work was done by Harjinder. But today Harjinder’s hard work has become successful. Sahib Singh says that he has brought Harjinder to this point, now it is the duty of the government to give him the fruits of his hard work.

Harjinder will become an inspiration in sports

Father Sahib Singh said that Harjinder will become a source of inspiration for everyone in sports. In today’s time the youth of Punjab are not coming forward in sports. But when the youth see their future in sports, they will surely bow down to this.

Along with sports, always been smart in studies

Harjinder’s mother Kuldeep Kaur also became emotional during this. She too jumped fiercely in the joy of her daughter’s victory. Kuldeep Kaur says that her daughter is smart. Along with sports, he never allowed studies to affect him. Not only this, she always helped him in the household chores. Harjinder used to take care of all the hearth and chowka. She wants her daughter to move forward now.

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