Attack on loved ones: Twinkle Dagre’s father-brother and mother attacked by relatives, case filed against both sides

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Indore8 minutes ago

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The Dagre family living at the Freeganj Marimata intersection in Banganga was attacked by his elder brother. The police have registered a case against each other on the complaint of both the parties. Twinkle Dagre’s father alleges that his elder brother has met Twinkle’s killers. He therefore attacks intentionally.

Banganga Police has registered a case against his elder brother Vijay, his wife Sonia, family puja and Tina Dagare on the complaint of Freeganj resident Sanjay Dagre. Sanjay told that at 2:30 pm on February 4, his son Harsh was going out of the house to get a pumplet. Then Pooja abused Harsha. Stopped and started threatening. Seeing this, Sanjay’s wife Rita arrived. He refused to abuse. On this, Pooja took the slab and beat her with joy. Then Vijay Sonia and Tina also came. He started beating Harsh. Rita also came to save. When Sanjay reached there, he killed him too.

On the other hand, the police have registered a case against Harsh, Sanjay and his wife Rita Dagare on the complaint of Pooja from the other side. Pooja says that the accused has abused and beat her. Sonia is injured in this. In the case, Sanjay says that his daughter Twinkle has been murdered a long time ago. In which Karotiya family is accused. His brother Vijay has met that accused family. So he is always attacking.


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