Attack on police team reached Gamblers rescued, policemen run away after saving their bikes | Attack on the police constable reached Dabish; The gamblers were freed, the policemen ran away after saving their bikes

Mathura2 hours ago

Policemen conducting search operations in Mathura after an attack on a police team.

  • Sadar Kotwali area case
  • Attackers absconding since the incident

In Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, a mob attacked policemen on Friday afternoon to catch the gamblers. Policemen were beaten up with stone pelting. The mob rescued the gambler from police custody. During this, the policemen had to run away to save their lives. Later and upon arrival of the police force, the matter was resolved. A search operation is on to arrest those who attacked the police team.

Manoharpura locality case

This case is related to Manoharpura of Kotwali town. A constable and a constable from Deeg Gate police post in Thana Govind Nagar reached the street at Slotter House in Manoharpura on two o’clock on Friday. During this time a local man was caught. The policemen started taking him on a bike. At that time, the associates of the accused and the local people, protesting, threw stones at the soldiers. The bike was also damaged in the stone pelting. The two policemen were scrambled and rescued by the captured. Sensing the intention of the mob, the soldiers had to flee from the spot.

The team reached to catch the gambler

After this, they informed the police station. SP City Uday Shankar Singh reached the spot. SP City reported that a inspector and constable had arrived at a criminal’s gambling notice. Stoning started on seeing the police. But now the local people are questioning the working style of the police. People say that there was a need to curb the issue of gambling in other police station area. The local police should have been taken along or given information.


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