Australia tour of Sri Lanka: Tour will not be cancelled, day-night matches will be held in the day if there is a power cut, Sri Lanka hopes to earn big

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  • Tour Will Not Be Canceled, If There Is A Power Cut, Day night Matches Will Be Held In The Day Itself, Sri Lanka Hopes To Earn Big

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Due to the deteriorating economic and political situation in Sri Lanka, there is a cloud of doubt over Australia’s tour of Sri Lanka, which starts next month. However, in the meantime, Sri Lanka Cricket Board Secretary Mohan de Silva has made it clear that for the time being this tour will be according to its schedule. Silva said – Right now this tour has to be done according to the schedule. We are monitoring the situation and will take a decision in the coming few days.

Australia’s tour of Sri Lanka is scheduled to start from June 7 and continue till July 12. On this tour, 2 Tests, 5 ODIs and 3 T20 matches are scheduled to be played between the two teams.

However, considering the situation in Sri Lanka right now, the crisis on this tour has deepened. There is a severe shortage of essential items like food and fuel in Sri Lanka and till a few days ago, there was power cut for 12-12 hours in the country. Considering the internal conditions of Sri Lanka, it was also considered to shift this tour to Dubai, but due to excessive heat it could not be possible.

Board has its own generator, conditions in the country will not affect cricket: Sri Lanka Cricket Board

The day-night matches of the tour can be converted into day matches in view of the power cuts in the country. The Australia Cricket Board has also given its consent in this regard and has indicated to proceed as per the schedule of the tour.

Talking on the subject of power cuts in the country, Sri Lanka Cricket Board’s de Silva said – Sri Lanka Cricket Board is not dependent on the National Grid for electricity. We have our own generators and we are not dependent on electricity from the government. The political situation in the country cannot affect cricket in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Board is also planning to start its domestic season from 22 May.

This tour is important for Sri Lanka Cricket Board battling with bad financial condition

This Australia tour is very important for Sri Lanka Cricket, which is struggling with bad financial conditions. The board expects to earn about $3 million through media rights and advertisements for the tour. This amount becomes even more important at a time when Sri Lanka’s total foreign exchange is only left with $ 50 million.

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