Awareness sessions being conducted for sago units to prevent adulteration

As sago units in the region have resumed operation, officials from food safety department are maintaining vigil and conducting inspections at units to prevent adulteration.

K.C. Arun, Designated Officer, Food Safety, said that awareness sessions are being conducted to sago manufacturers to prevent adulteration and vigil is being maintained.

Dr. Arun said, “as this is harvest season of tapioca, a majority of sago units have started manufacturing their products at the units here. An awareness session was recently conducted in the presence of Minister for Electricity P. Thangamani with sagoserve manufacturers and necessary advice was given. Besides, awareness sessions are being conducted for manufacturers who couldn’t make it to the meeting to prevent adulteration.”

According to officials, there are about 100 sago units in the district. However, not all units have started production at the moment. Dr. Arun said that manufacturers have been advised to prevent any kind of adulteration. He added that corn flour and certain whiteners are generally used adulterants in sago.

Dr. Arun added, “we had earlier collected 250 samples from units here and the results are awaited. Samples would be recollected for the new production season”, he said.

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