Ayodhya Deepotsav 2020 Preparation News; Only Pass Holders Will Be Included In Program | Pass required to join the program, devotees will join the live broadcast; Ban on outsiders in fourteen Kosi and Panch Kosi parikrama

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This time the Kovid Guideline will be fully followed in the Deepotsav to be held in Ayodhya. The government has decided that this time fourteen Kosi and Panchkosi parikrama will not include people from outside Ayodhya.

  • The administration has decided that people coming from outside Ayodhya will be banned in fourteen Koshi and Panchkoshi parikrama.
  • Kovid guideline will be strictly followed under Dopotsav program, special emphasis will be on social distancing

Due to the corona transition in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, only the major saints and dignitaries of Ayodhya will be invited to this year’s Deepotsav programs. The district administration will arrange for a good vehicle to take the saint from one place to another. DM AK Jha gave this information in the preparation meeting of Deepotsav. According to DM this time a limited number of people will get admission at the venue. Those who pass the invitation card or issued by the district administration will get admission only.

DM said that a program has been set to light 5.50 lakh lamps on Ram’s paadi with social distancing. On 13 November, on the main program, Sobha Yatra will be taken from Saket Maha Vidyalaya to Ramkatha Park in collaboration with the Information and Culture Department. In which there will be 11 tableaux with band instruments.

Will be broadcast live

Efforts are being made at the government level with agencies like Doordarshan, ANI for live broadcast of the program to the common people of the state and country including Ayodhya with the cooperation of Information Department. LED display boards, LED vans will be installed at 50 major locations.

Only the people of Ayodhya will go round

During the Kartik Purnima Mela, fourteen Kosi, Panchkosi and Snan festival were also discussed. It was decided that this too should be conducted safely while avoiding the corona. It was agreed in the meeting that people of Ayodhya will be allowed with social distancing and masks, along with local monk saints, to do fourteen Kosi and Panchkosi Parikrama. Devotees from the outer districts connected with Ayodhya will not be able to enter Ayodhya at Parikrama and Snan. People will be appealed to do circumambulation in the temples closest to them.

  • In Ramkatha Park, the coronation program is scheduled with the legal form of Lord Rama Mata Sita and Anuj Laxman with his reception.
  • Due to the closure of international flights, there will not be any arrival of Ramlila parties from abroad.
  • Arrangements will be made with social distancing between the audience of the audience at the Bhajan Sandhya venue on the Saryu coast. The provincial Ramlila parties will be staged from 11th onwards.
  • Social distancing will also be carried out in the aarti of Saryu Ghat. A very limited number of people will get admission at the Aarti venue.


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