Ayodhya Ram Mandir Update; Devotees Of Rajasthan Gurjar Performed Kosi Dandavati Parikrama | 600 devotees of Gurjar Samaj, who came from Rajasthan before 14 Kosi Parikrama, performed Dandavati Parikrama of Ayodhya Dham

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This photo is from Ayodhya. Devotees walking around on the road. This orbit is called Dandavati Parikrama.

  • There will be 14 Kosi and five Kosi revolutions in Ayodhya on 23 November
  • This time the administration has imposed a ban on entry of outsiders to Ayodhya

With all measures to prevent coronavirus infection, 14 Kosi and 5 Kosi Parikrama will start from 23 November in the religious city Ayodhya. During this time, the administration has banned the entry of outsiders to Ayodhya. But before that, on Wednesday, a batch of 600 pilgrims from Rajasthan performed the five Kosi Dandavati Parikrama. These people worshiped on the circumambulation route and completed the five Kosi circumambulation. Dandavati Parikrama is performed by lying on the ground (Dandavat).

Devotees orbiting.

Devotees orbiting.

Ramlala’s temple is being built, it is a matter of pride for us

Amar Singh, who is doing the rounds, told that the group has finally arrived here under the aegis of the Indian Gurjar society and under the leadership of Maharaj Bhajan Das of the Ashram of Gurjar Samaj at Govardhan Radha Kendra Marg. Prior to this, Bhajanadas have revolved around Barsana Govardhan, Vrindavan etc. with their followers. Construction of the grand temple of Lord Rama has started this year. In this happiness, we have reached here with a pledge to visit Ram Lala and revolve around the city of Ayodhya.

Net Ram, who is involved in the Dandavat parikrama, says that he wishes God for peace and progress in the country with the construction of Ram temple. They have come to revolve with this spirit. It is a matter of pride for us to build a grand temple of Lord Rama. This batch includes 300 men, 300 women. Devotees of Bharatpur, Vrindavan are also included.

This day revolved in Ayodhya
The Muhurta of 14 Kosi Parikrama of Ayodhya is on 23 November. The boundaries of Ayodhya will be sealed from the evening of 22 November. Only people of Ayodhya will be able to participate in this parikrama. While outside devotees will not be able to do circumambulation this year. The district administration is imposing restrictions on Kartik Purnima baths under the Kovid-19 protocol.


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