Ayushi, who arrived at school after 335 days, said – Papa has agreed, then I have come to study | Entry of teachers and children to school only after thermal screening; Ayushi, who arrived at school after 335 days, said – Papa has agreed, then I have come to study

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Lucknow22 minutes ago

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In UP, schools from sixth to eighth opened from today. After a long time, happiness could be seen on the faces of the children who reached the school.

  • Due to Corona epidemic, only 50% of the children were present in all schools for the protocol of Kovid-19.

Schools of Junior High School (Classes 6 to 8), which have been closed for 335 days due to Corona epidemic, opened on Wednesday. The joy could be clearly seen on the faces of the children coming to school. During this, the children also looked very excited. On the first day, children arrived at the Chutki Bhandar Secondary School in Uday Ganj area of ​​Lucknow. The temperature of teachers and children was checked on the register by the staff standing at the gate. Meanwhile, the Aayushi coming to school said that she has come to the school only after the consent of the father and has been instructed to be vigilant about the corona.

On the instruction of the government, only children of class VIII have arrived on Wednesday. There are about 470 secondary schools in the capital Lucknow, in which 60 thousand children have been registered for studies. Arrangements have been made to distribute masks in the municipal school. Subrah Pandey Principal says that according to the mandate, all Kovid-19s are being followed and administered in schools. Today on Wednesday, 50% of the total 26 children in class eight were present.

DM Abhishek Prakash informed that, sanitation and worker program was started in 470 secondary school with the opening of school from today. So that everyone can become aware and manage their school easily. Sanitizer was done with sanitation and after entering the temperature, you will get admission in the school. Cleanliness and sanitization have been done with the help of Municipal Corporation. With this, the government opened all residential schools from February 10, and schools from class 1 to 5 will be run from March 1.

At the same time, Basic Education Officer Dinesh Kumar Singh said that for the sanitization cleanliness thermal scanner today, 10% amount has been allowed from the Composite Grant. He informed that junior classes will run classes twice a week while private schools will run classes from 6 to 8 daily. He informed that a meeting will be held by both Basic and Secondary Department.

Students will clean daily in council school

The students of council school will do daily cleanliness. Every student should do cleanliness for 15 to 20 minutes daily. Students in classes 1 to 5 will not do cleanliness. Cleanliness will be done under the Mera Vidyalaya-Swachh Vidyalaya program. Plans have been made to keep schools clean and children healthy. Teachers will also contribute in cleanliness.

“Children sit at a distance of six feet with these rules, outsiders should not enter”

  • With the permission to start teaching in schools from 10 February Wednesday, the schools have opened on some necessary guidelines in this regard. All schools must obey them. It has been said in these instructions that it will be mandatory for all teachers, students and employees to wear masks.
  • The school management will have to keep extra masks on the premises so that one can be made available when needed. Similarly, to place the students at least 6 feet away ‚To educate the children not to exchange their masks with each other and as far as possible उपस्थिति Attendance for school students and staff members भागीदारी Participation in class निर्देश Instructions have been given for adopting contactless process for online presentations and evaluation.
  • Similarly, according to these instructions, no outsider or vendor selling food items near the entrance will be able to enter the school premises. Along with this, regular visits of a counselor teacher or a counselor have been arranged to take care of any mental pressure or emotional health of the students during the corona period.

Mid day-mile will be available from day one

With the commencement of schools from class 6 to 8, mid-day meal will also be made available to the students from day one. In this letter, BSA gave instructions to all the staff of schools and institutions supplying mid-day meal. Mid-day supply will be provided to the schools in urban areas through NGOs as before. Similarly, according to the previous arrangement in rural areas, the responsibility of preparing mid-day meal has been put on the school headmaster.


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