Azadars bleed themselves by mourning, inconsolable for ever. Azadars bleed themselves by mourning, inconsolable for ever

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Tazia taken out at Chehlum in Amroha.

On the Chehlum of Bibi Fatma’s Lal Hazrat Imam Hussain, the azadars bled themselves by mourning. Coffins were recovered from several azakhanas in the city. During this, in Fiza or in the words of Hussain or Hussain, there was always reverberation. The first procession of the Chehlum series was recovered from Mohalla Gujari and Bada Darbar.

In the procession, Matami Anjumane was going on reciting Nauha. A procession was also taken out from Mohalla Mandi Chaub at Chehlum under the aegis of Anjumanne Asgari. Which was the first to reach Chhewda by being a big court. He then joined the main procession at Katra Ghulam Ali with the tajiye of Chhewde.

Tazia taken out in Amroha.

Tazia taken out in Amroha.

Fiza reverberated or Hussein’s perpetuities

The second procession reached Karbala, located across the railway line from Bada Imambara Danishmandan. The procession of freshmen from Mohalla Bagla passed through the fixed routes and ended at Karbala on Bijnor Road. Here Shadab Haider and Hamanwan read Marsia. Maulana Ahsan Akhtar told Fazil Masaib. Thirty big and small tazias were involved in the procession. Razakaran of Anjuman Abbasiah passed the market in Game Hussain and bled himself by mourning the chain in Naubatkhana. Or Hussein or Hussein’s forever Fiza also became inconsolable.

Razakaran bleeds himself in Gamay Hussain

Studied Marsia in Aale Ahmed Inter College Diwan Khana Masoom Hassan. Apart from this, Sibte Sajjad and Hasan Imam also read Chhunnu Lal Dilgir Ka Marsia at the designated place when Syed Sajjad came after being released from prison. The procession took place under the aegis of Anjuman Tahafuje Azadari.

Acting President Hasan Shuja, Liaquat Amrovi, Zia Ejaz, Saeed Dul Hasan, Mohammad Farooq, Mickey Naqvi, Waqarul Hasnain Khan, Sarfaraz Hussain, Naeem Kausar, Gufran Mehndi, Alim Raza, Abbas Haider, Sharaf Ali Khan, Mohammad Ali Afzal and Asif Nisar etc.

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