Azam Khan Son Abdullah Azam Khan May Be Debarred From Contesting Election For Six Years | Azam Khan’s son Abdullah had difficulties; There may be a ban on fighting elections for 6 years, the secretariat administration sent a letter to the President

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Azam Khan’s son Abdullah Azam may be banned from contesting elections for the next 6 years. For this, the Legislative Assembly has sent a letter to the President, demanding a ban on contesting elections.

  • The Allahabad High Court held Abdullah Azam guilty of corrupt conduct on 16 December 2018.
  • Abdullah is in Sitapur Jail along with Azam Khan, was elected MLA from Swar seat in 2017

The SP leader may get another major setback before the by-election to the Swar assembly seat of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh. Abdullah Azam’s 6 years may be banned from not contesting elections. In this regard, the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Secretariat has written a letter to the President on Thursday. After which consent from the Election Commission of India can be issued an order prohibiting them from contesting elections. On 16 December 2018, the Allahabad High Court canceled the membership of his assembly, blaming Abdullah Azam for corrupt conduct in the fake birth certificate case.

Abdullah Azam is in Sitapur jail
Abdullah Azam Khan, who canceled his membership of Rampur’s Swar assembly in connection with a fake birth date, is lodged in Sitapur Jail along with father Azam Khan and mother. The Samajwadi Party was considering whether he could contest elections from jail after not getting bail. Abdullah Azam Khan was elected MLA from Swar seat in 2017.

Nawab Kazim Ali Khan complained against Abdullah

Former MLA Nawab Kazim Ali Khan alias Naved Mian had sought a stay on contesting the election in connection with Abdullah’s birth date. At that time, he was not 25 years old, the Allahabad High Court ruled his elected constituency illegal in December 2018, after he was found to have contested the election on the basis of fake birth date.

Assembly was rejected membership

The Legislative Assembly Secretariat issued a notification dismissing his membership. Now the MLA Secretariat has recommended banning Abdullah Azam from contesting elections under Section 8 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, if convicted of corrupt conduct. In this regard, the Principal Secretary has sent a letter to the President on behalf of the Legislative Assembly.


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