Azamgarh Another shop suspended | 10 shops have been cancelled, after 12 accused are gangsters, notice issued after their names appear in the investigation

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On April 7, Azamgarh district administration had taken action under the Gangster Act against 12 accused in the spurious liquor scandal.

Azamgarh district administration has taken major action on 21 February in the case of more than 13 deaths due to spurious liquor in Mahul of Ahirula police station area. The district administration has taken action under the Gangster Act on April 7 against the 12 accused involved in the case. Till now the district administration has also canceled 10 liquor shops. In the investigation of the police, the name of the country liquor shop in Didarganj police station area also came up. The country liquor shop has been suspended after the name of this shop falling in Didarganj police station area came to the fore. Along with this, notice has also been issued to this shop, if the answer is not found correct, this shop can also be canceled by the district administration. The licensee of this shop is Pankaj Kumar Yadav son Dayaram Yadav. In this case, on February 22, seven nominees were registered in Ahirola police station under sections 272/273/302/34 Bhadvi and 60(A) Excise Act versus main accused Rangesh Yadav.

Gangster has been imposed on these accused
District’s SP Anurag Arya, jointly confirming the gangster, said that the main accused in the incident of poisonous liquor, Rangesh Yadav, son of Bajrangi, resident of Parathia police station-Khutan, Jaunpur, Suryabhan son of Ramfer, resident of Sowing police station Didarganj, Puneet Kumar Yadav son Dayaram Yadav Chakganjli Police station Didarganj, Ram Bhoj son Sugriv resident Samsallipur police station Ahraula, Ashok Yadav son Rambabu resident Utpur police station Phulpur, Pankaj Yadav son Dayaram resident Chakganjlishah (Saranwa) police station Didarganj, Mohd. Fahim’s son M. Sayeed resident Rupaipur police station Ahraula, Mohd. Nadeem’s son Sayeed resident of Rupaipur police station Ahirola, Sahbaz’s son Mohd. Riyaz Sakin Mahul Police Station Ahraula, Mohd. Kalim’s son M. Sayeed resident Rupaipur police station Ahraula Mohd. Naeem son of M. Saeed resident Rupaipur police station Ahraula and Mohd. Salim’s son Saeed resident of Rupaipur police station Ahraula district Azamgarh, was arrested and sent to jail.

Rangesh said – was taking alcohol for three months
In the poisonous liquor scandal, Rangesh Yadav, a relative of former Bahubali MP Ramakant Yadav, had admitted that he used to sell poisonous liquor made in Fahim’s place for three months. So far 13 people had died due to the consumption of this poisonous liquor and more than 60 people were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Azamgarh built a luxurious bungalow with black money
When the police raided the house of Nadeem, who was dealing in illegal liquor business in Mahul’s Rupaipur, 60 km from the Azamgarh district headquarters, the police were surprised. Three luxurious rooms were built in a short time at a cost of crores from black money. However, even before the police raid, the family members living here had fled.

Mohammad Faheem was arrested from a liquor factory in Mahul’s Rupaipur village. Liquor making equipment, illicit liquor, bar code, cough syrup were also recovered on the spot of arrested Mohammad Faheem and contract owner Rangesh Yadav. Rangesh Yadav is a relative of former MP Ramakant Yadav.

Faheem has a medical store in Mahul, where cough syrups were sold and supplied. While disclosing the raid, SP Anurag Arya had recovered liquor, cough syrup and many vehicles worth 30 lakhs from the contract of Rangesh Yadav, relative of former Bahubali MP Ramakant Yadav.

Action taken on five including Deputy Excise Commissioner
So far, four employees of the Police and Excise Department have been suspended in connection with the deaths due to alcohol in the district. Three employees of the Excise Department have already been suspended.

Inspector Neeraj Singh, constable Suman Kumar Pandey and Rajendra Pratap Singh are prominent among the employees to be suspended. At the same time, Inspector Sanjay Singh of Ahirola police station has also been suspended in this case. After 13 deaths due to spurious liquor in Mahul, Deputy Excise Commissioner Lal Bahadur Mishra was removed and attached to Prayagraj.

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