Azamgarh School bus fell into Sharda tributary | 4 children were injured, 20 children were on the bus, the injured children were sent to the hospital

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Four children injured when a school bus overturned in Jianpur police station area of ​​Azamgarh district.

Nayak National Karmani Ganerua’s school bus overturned in Sharda Sahayak canal near Jeyanpur police station area of ​​Azamgarh district. Five children were injured in this accident. There were 20 children in the bus. There was an outcry when the bus overturned. The accident happened on the way to school in the morning. With the help of local villagers on the information of the incident, all the children were taken out of the bus and all the injured children are being admitted to the hospital. Where these children are being treated. And the children have been safely sent to their homes. The little girl (7) Vishal (10) Anupam (15) and Ayush (12) years old have been injured in this accident.

accident due to overtaking

Local people say that the accident happened due to overtaking. Local people say that in an attempt to overtake the bus, the bus went uncontrollably and fell into the Sharda Sahayak canal, and the accident happened. The accident happened while trying to overtake another bus as the culvert was narrow. Due to very less water in the Sharda Canal, a major accident was averted. However, the children suffered minor injuries in this accident.

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