Azamgarh Subhashpa leader Arvind Rajbhar said | Wave of change going on in UP, people will answer BJP in 2022

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Arvind Rajbhar, who reached the workers’ conference in Didarganj assembly constituency of Azamgarh district, targeted the BJP fiercely.

Arvind Rajbhar, son of Om Prakash Rajbhar, who reached the joint workers convention of SP and SubhashSP in Didarganj assembly constituency of Azamgarh district, targeted the BJP fiercely. Addressed the public in the assembly constituency of SP leader Adil Sheikh in Didarganj. Targeting the BJP, he said that BJP is a sinking government. Arvind Rajbhar says that after the joint alliance of SP and SubhashSP on October 27, the BJP’s chase has been decided. Fear, hunger, corruption and crime are spread all over the state. BJP leaders have nothing, crime is extreme. The wave of change has started. Now whether Modi comes, Modi comes, Amit Shah may come, it is not going to stop now. Poor people are being harassed in the name of electricity bill in the state. Om Prakash Rajbhar was supposed to attend the program but due to some reasons he could not attend.

BJP cheated
Arvind Rajbhar, the national general secretary of SubhashSP, says that in the 2017 assembly elections, SubhashSP was with the BJP. BJP won but BJP did the work of cheating. This time in the 2022 assembly elections, the people of the state and the SubhashSP will give a befitting reply to the BJP. Arvind Rajbhar says that if the Yogi government is so worried about changing the name, then change the atmosphere of the vacancies. Today youth are roaming around unemployed. Young people are being beaten up.

Krishna told Akhilesh to Arjuna to Omprakash
National General Secretary Arvind Rajbhar said on the question of raids being conducted at the houses of SP leaders that BJP has become scared. That’s why she is using brahmastra. He also used his brahastra in Bengal elections. But the wave of change has started in the state. Akhilesh Yadav in the role of Shri Krishna and Om Prakash Rajbhar in the role of Arjun have stood up to answer the BJP’s brasht, who will answer every BJP attack. This time this alliance will go beyond 400.

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