Babar Azam’s personal chat and video viral: Claims he had an objectionable chat with a teammate’s girlfriend

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Pakistan captain Babar Azam seems to be in trouble. His personal chats and videos have gone viral. 28-year-old Pakistan captain Azam has been accused of having an objectionable chat with the girlfriend of one of his fellow players. However, there has been no reaction from the Pak captain on these allegations.

Indian news agency IANS wrote- ‘Pakistan captain Babar Azam has landed in a fresh controversy after his allegedly private videos and photos have gone viral on social media.’

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Apart from the news agency, some media reports claimed that these allegations were made from an Instagram account named ‘Isha Rajput’. Isha posted 7 posts one after the other. However, this account is not verified. This account has followed only 2 people. At the same time, it had 500 followers.

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Fear of getting trapped in honey trap
In such a situation, speculations are being made about Pakistan captain Babar Azam getting trapped in the honey trap. Some social media posts have also claimed that Babar is having these chats with the girlfriend of a fellow player.

Babar Azam was nominated for the ICC Cricketer of the Year at the end of December.

Babar Azam was nominated for the ICC Cricketer of the Year at the end of December.

Allegations have already been made
Babar Azam was accused of physical abuse and assault by a woman some time back. A woman named Hamija Mukhtar had said in a press conference that she had relations with Babar when he had not become a star player. Mukhtar told that we had run away from home and Babar had kept me in rented houses at different places. However, the woman later withdrew all the allegations.

Babar has also been nominated for the ODI Men's Cricket of the Year.

Babar has also been nominated for the ODI Man’s Cricket of the Year.

PCB and baking media cool
No statement has come from Babar Azam and PCB on these allegations against Babar. The media there has also not written anything.

Criticism due to poor performance of the team
These days, due to the poor performance of the Pakistan team, Captain Babaz Azam has been facing criticism. Under his captaincy, the Pakistan team lost 2-1 in the ODI series against New Zealand. Earlier, he made the Test series equal without victory.

In the month of November, Pakistan had to face a 5-wicket defeat at the hands of England in the final of the T20 World Cup.

Is there a conspiracy to snatch the captaincy?
Cricket pundits are calling it a conspiracy to snatch the captaincy from Babar. Actually, a few days ago Najam Sethi has become the new head of the Pakistani board. In such a situation, it is being said that as soon as the head of the board changes, preparations are being made to change the captain. This matter is being seen as a conspiracy to remove the captain.

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