Babita turns 73: Babita left acting after her marriage to Randhir Kapoor, both were separated due to increasing estrangement but did not get divorced

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Babita is celebrating her 73rd birthday on 20 April. He was born in 1948. Babita’s father was Hari Shivdasani Sindhi, while the mother was a French woman. Having done only 19 films in her cine career, Babita made her Bollywood debut with the 1966 film ‘Dasha Lakh’. However, he was given to the cinema by Major Break producer GP Sippy. The name of the film was ‘Raj’. In this film, his opposite was Rajesh Khanna. This film did not work.

Babita got success after failure

After this, his film ‘Farz’, which came with Jitendra, proved to be a super hit. After this, many memorable films of Babita came in front of the audience including ‘Luck’, ‘Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai’, ‘Hasina Maan Jaagi’, ‘Unknown’, ‘When Why and Where’ and ‘Identity’. And the crucial film ‘Kal Aaj Aur Kal’ released. The protagonist of this film was Randhir Kapoor. This was Randhir’s first film as a hero and he also directed it himself.

Crack in relationship after marriage

Babita was in love with Randhir Kapoor. The love story between the two began during the shooting of the film ‘Kal Aaj and Kal’. Babita was also willing to stake her career to get Randhir. The same happened when Babita married Randhir Kapoor on 6 November 1971 when it was decided that she would no longer act in films.

The reason for this was that no daughter-in-law and daughter of Kapoor family could work in films. So, Babita said goodbye to the films. After marriage, Babita gave birth to Karisma on 25 June 1974 and Kareena Kapoor on 21 September 1980. At the same time, there was a rift and tension between Babita and Randhir. As a result, Babita went to live separately with her two daughters. However, the two neither remarried nor divorced.

Babita did not like Randhir’s habits
In an interview a few years ago, Randhir said, he (Babita) came to know that I am a bad guy who drinks heavily and comes home late, these were all things he did not like. I also did not want to live as she wanted and she did not want to confess to me as I was, even though we had a love marriage. We had two lovely children to look after. Babita raised her well and as children grew up, they established their careers in amazing ways. What else did I need as a father?

Why not get divorced?
When Randhir was asked in the interview why he did not divorce Babita, he said, what is the reason for divorce? Why do we divorce? I did not have to remarry and neither did them. Randhir and Babita worked together in the 1971 film Kal Aaj Kal. After this, the two were seen together in the 1972 film ‘Jeet’. After marriage, Babita left her acting career forever.

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