Bachelor of Physiotherapy Good Career Option: Good Jobs from AIIMS to Sports; Earning well by becoming a private physiotherapist

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  • Good Jobs From AIIMS To Sports; Earning Well By Becoming A Private Physiotherapist

Madhya Pradesh30 minutes ago

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) is a good career option for 12th class students from Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). From this there are good jobs in AIIMS to sports. Also, becoming a private physiotherapist also earns a good amount of money. Come, know that expert from Akash Intuit Bhopal’s Assistant Director Randhir Singh …

It is necessary for the course

Students with 50% marks in 12th class from Science can do BPT full form Bachelor of Physiotherapy course. It is a good career option for the students who wish to go into the medical field. There are many job opportunities for physiotherapy students. There is a good demand for Physiotherapists in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, trauma centers and fitness centers.

Admission through direct and entrance exam

Admission can be done in two ways. There is direct admission in management colleges. Seats are allotted on the basis of merit only after qualifying the top college entrance exam. Admission is direct in government colleges and universities.

good choice in sports

Now the government and people have started promoting more sports in India. There are many options in government academies and sports centers to keep players fit. Physiotherapists are hired privately.

Here is the job profile

  • researcher
  • fitness trainer
  • physiotherapist
  • assistant physiotherapist
  • sports physiotherapist
  • personal physiotherapist
  • acupuncture physiotherapist
  • therapy manager
  • sports physio rehabilitation

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