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With the unlock process in place, most public places are now opening and trying to operate in the new normal. With malls, parks, restaurants and salons opening, people are slowly returning back to their usual life while adjusting amid the pandemic. The government is also speculating the opening of schools and colleges, which are till now working through online lectures. It seems like the schools will welcome students back in a month or two, but only after taking necessary precautions. You will for sure prep your kid by equipping him with a mask and sanitiser, but here is a checklist you need to see in order to ensure your kid’s mental health along the way.

Safety while meeting friends

The lockdown has robbed us off the pleasure of socialising and meeting our closest friends. While the distancing is for our own good, it has made both adults and kids feel lonely. With speculations going around about schools reopening soon, kids might be more excited about meeting their friends than ever. Make sure you instruct your child about the social distancing norms in an informative manner. For younger ones, you can include a bait or give them an incentive for wearing the mask all day, as they are young to understand the main reason behind it.

Spending time with adults, except from family

As the old saying goes- ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. It is not always the parents or the family who plays a role in a child’s life. From teachers and mentors to neighbours and older friends, a kid’s life is interwoven with many others. Let your child interact with elders who are not his family. This does not mean that you let your child wander off to talk to strangers. Keeping a watchful eye and a check on the people he interacts with is necessary as well. Having a conversation with an adult he might like spending time with can benefit the kid a number of ways. Specially in times like these, it becomes all the more necessary to not let your child fall in the pit of loneliness.

Healthier routine
The lockdown season led us to adopt all types of unhealthy eating and sleeping habits. Be it resorting to junk food or keeping awake till late in the night, many people fell victim to an unhealthy lifestyle. With things returning back to normal, it is high time you changed your routine for good. You can easily make your child adapt the same as well. Going back to school will require waking up on time, which will automatically require him to sleep early. The routine will also keep them busy with school, homework and other co-curricular activities, which will give them less time to be bored.

School indeed is stressful and in times like these, parents might be the most worried ones when it comes to the safety of kids. By taking proper precautions, sanitizing, following social distancing guidelines and rules set by the government, you can keep you and your child safe and secure.


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