Badaun Gang Rape And Murder | Dainik Bhaskar Ground Report From Uttar Pradesh Maholi Village | Dalits are not allowed in the temple where the gangrape took place; The victim’s mother said- the priest called the daughter

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Badaun36 minutes agoAuthor: Ravi Srivastava

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This is the same temple in Badaun, where heinous acts like rape and murder were carried out.

  • The priest of the temple was killed on Sunday after raping two of his companions.
  • Police personnel posted at the scene, SP villagers and ADM camped at victim’s house
  • Family upset due to the arrival of leaders, son said – Tired, don’t ask anything now

After eight years, the Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh is again in the headlines. In 2012, Nirbhaya was raped by a minor in the same district in Delhi. Where is that minor Nobody knows this. Well, on Sunday last, all the extent of havoc was found with the middle-aged woman of Ughaiti police station area. The priest and the other two raped the woman at a holy place like a temple and then brutally murdered her. The police are yet to catch the absconding main accused Pujari.

Temple wrapped in crime scene

About 50 meters from the main road inside Maveli village, about 2 km from Ughaiti police station, is the temple where the incident took place where a 45-year-old woman was gangraped and murdered on Sunday. The yellow strip of the UP POLICE DO NOT CROSS is covered with a spot inside the temple. Nearly half a dozen policemen are stationed outside the strip and are not allowing anyone inside the temple.

Police cordoned off the crime scene at the scene.

Police cordoned off the crime scene at the scene.

Dalits not allowed in all temples

Khichu Valmiki, the watchman of the village standing nearby, says that he was in the village when the incident took place. But when the matter escalated, he came to know. Khichu says that we are Valmiki. We are not allowed to come to the temple. On asking the reason, we say that we do not go to this temple for years in any temple built in the village. Nathu, who lives in a house built by leaving a field next to the temple, also admits this. He says I am around 65-70 years old. We have not seen Valmiki and the Jatavs living in the village going to the temple or offering water. However, it was clear in a short time that Dalits are not allowed in the temple where the gangrape took place.

Nathu was found sitting outside the house with his wife.

Nathu was found sitting outside the house with his wife.

For 7 years Satyaprakash was living as a priest Satyanarayana

The village’s postmaster Satish Chandra says that this temple was built by Thakur Bhup Singh almost 80 years ago. Thakur Bhup Singh’s family was the only Thakur family in the village. In his last time, he formed a committee and donated about 20 bighas of land next to the temple. Later, he dissolved the committee and gave the responsibility of the temple and land to the DM of the district. Whose caretaker was made to a man from the village itself. The caretakers and priests kept changing in between.

Satyaprakash, who arrived in the village mansion 7 years ago, started living here as a priest Satyanarayana. Bantu Gupta explains that the priest’s conduct was fine for a few days. But once Devpal of the village, who used to go to the water every day, saw the priest drinking meat and wine in the temple premises. After which he said this to some people of the village. When he objected, he showed bullying and many villagers who used to go there everyday, stopped coming.

Bantu Gupta

Bantu Gupta

However, Thakur priest Satyanarayana from caste used to solve the problems of villagers with tantra-mantra. The villagers tell that the maiden of the gang-raped woman is also in this village. She also used to visit the temple from the beginning. The day the incident took place, the woman came to the temple from about 15 km away. STF also reached the temple today and in addition to some sporadic leaders, national news channels also reached. To see them, the villagers were seen on the edge of the fields and on their roofs.

There is about 20 bighas of land near the temple.  On which the crop is planted

There is about 20 bighas of land near the temple. On which the crop is planted

Mother said- On the day of the incident, the priest called the daughter and called the temple.

There is also a maika in a narrow street of the victim, about 700-800 meters from the temple. Two policemen are sitting outside the street. While there is a crowd of villagers outside the victim’s mother’s house. Thatch is covered as soon as you enter through the small door. While the victim’s mother is sitting in the sun on one side of the courtyard. She tells the whole story of the incident and says that the priest in the temple of Thakur ji (Vishnu Bhagwan) has done such low work.

He said that on Sunday (the day of the incident), the priest called the daughter and called the temple. He told that we live alone in this house. Usually on Sunday, the daughter used to come and on Monday she used to go in the morning. They said we taught and taught the daughter. She then got a job and is running the household family expenses. Mother now needs justice. They say that the priest would not have run away if the police had listened to us. Ompal, who lives next to the house, says that the mental condition of the girl’s husband was not right. For this reason she used to come to the priest. The priest used to do tantra mantras. The mother also admitted that the priest was to come home.

Mother of victim

Mother of victim

This street is of the victim's maternal grandfather.

This street is of the victim’s maternal grandfather.

The victim’s house leaders continue to visit

The victim’s mother-in-law is in Keaywali village, about 12 km from Ughaiti police station. There is a long line of trains from outside the village about one and a half km. On being asked, it was learned that former Badaun MP Dharmendra Yadav has come. A 5-foot new road is built on the right hand side on a short walk. On which ballast and sand are lying. But the road is not built. The victim’s house is about 100 meters away on the same road.

Dharmendra Yadav, who met the family members, told that he has demanded 25 lakh compensation to the victim’s family from the government, CBI investigation in the case and government job for the son. It was only after he left that the current Badaun MP Sanghamitra Maurya was alerted. At the same time, discussion started in the crowd that even after being a woman MP, she came to meet the victim family very late. However, at present there is a brother in the house, husband of the deceased woman on the bed, two married sisters with their husbands and two younger sisters are present in the house. No one is going inside the house through the door of the rest of the house. Taking a photo

Continuation of movement of public representatives continues.

Continuation of movement of public representatives continues.

Son said – Do not ask anything tired

In the courtyard of the house, the SP villagers and the ADM are seated with the Tehsildar. The son came out after much calling. He said don’t ask anything now I’m very tired. The son told that ever since I have regained consciousness, I have seen the father working on the bed and the mother working. She used to spend home. Now how will the house cost? It is not known. He told that I had filled the graduation form this year. But the fees could not be collected. The mother had said that the form has been submitted, the fees will also be submitted. However, by then a delegation had arrived and the son began to narrate his tragedy to them.

Former SP MP Dharmendra Yadav met the victim's family.

Former SP MP Dharmendra Yadav met the victim’s family.


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