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Badrinarayan Tiwari had great passion for Hindi in his heart. , Badrinarayan Tiwari was very fond of Hindi: Teachers were honored on Teacher's Day, while scholars were honored in Manas Sangam – Kanpur News

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There was a crowd of people paying their last respects at the medical college.

After the demise of Kanpur's eminent social worker Badrinarayan Tiwari, his work was being discussed everywhere on Friday. While leaving this world, he donated his body to Kanpur Medical College. On Friday, his body was handed over to the Medical College. During this time, his childhood friends, relatives and a large number of his fans were present in the medical college.
Used to respect those who promoted Hindi
Badrinarayan Tiwari greatly respected the people who promoted Hindi and himself felt proud in working for the advancement of Hindi. He always used to call Hindi teachers, people associated with Hindi, people of literature and all the scholars on the stage and give them respect. This was his biggest identity.

Crowd of people gathered in the medical college.

Crowd of people gathered in the medical college.

Badri Narayan used to honor teachers on Teacher's Day

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