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Balenciaga’s new bracelet sparks internet frenzy over resemblance to clear tape roll and sky-high price tag

Image Source : X/TWITTER Balenciaga’s tape-like bracelet stirs online frenzy

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga is back in the spotlight, and this time it’s for a head-turning (or should we say, tape-turning?) accessory. Their latest bracelet has the internet buzzing, not for its elegance or craftsmanship, but for its uncanny resemblance to a common household item, clear packing tape.

The bracelet, unveiled during Paris Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, features a transparent material wrapped around a core, mimicking a roll of tape. The Balenciaga logo adds a touch of branding but fails to quell the internet’s amusement, and in some cases, outrage.

The price tag, estimated at a whopping $4,400, has only added fuel to the fire. Social media users are left scratching their heads, with some calling it โ€˜absurdโ€™ and others questioning if Balenciaga is just trolling the fashion world. The brand has a history of pushing boundaries with unusual designs, like a $1,790 leather purse resembling a garbage bag and a $3,100 handbag inspired by Kim Kardashian wrapped in caution tape.

But is the tape bracelet just a playful experiment, or a genuine attempt at redefining luxury fashion? Here’s a breakdown of the online chatter:

Mockery and disbelief: Many online users find the concept hilarious, with some questioning the practicality and value of a bracelet that mimics a household item.

Luxury with a twist: Some see it as a commentary on consumerism and the ever-evolving definition of luxury. Balenciaga might be challenging traditional notions of what constitutes a valuable accessory.

Dรฉjร  Vu: This isn’t the first time Balenciaga has used everyday objects as inspiration. Their past collections have featured grocery bags and shopping bags turned into high-fashion handbags.

While the official price and availability haven’t been confirmed by Balenciaga, the internet has already made its verdict clear. The ‘tape’ย bracelet is a conversation starter, for better or worse. Whether it’s a fashion statement or a social experiment, one thing’s for sure: Balenciaga knows how to grab attention.

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