Ballari medical student rescues rare snake

A Sind krait (Bungarus Sindanus), a venomous elapid snake species normally found in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan and parts of India, was rescued by a medical student from Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) Ballari late on Monday.

Ashok B.N., a final year MBBS student, who has passionately been rescuing snakes for years now, reached VIMS stadium about 8.30 p.m. after he got a call from someone who spotted the snake. Within a couple of minutes of close observation, Mr. Ashok concluded that it was krait. But, he was unsure whether it was common krait or Sind krait. However, by further observation of its scales, bands and other features, he concluded that it was Sind krait that was not normally found in South India. He successfully rescued it and later released it at a safe and distant place.

โ€œWe find common krait all over India. But, the Sind krait, which is named after Sindh province in Pakistan as it is commonly found there, is not found in South India. I think it is the first time that we found in South India. It is a nocturnal snake which is inactive during daytime and very active during nightโ€ Mr. Ashok told The Hindu over the phone.

He also claimed that the Sind krait is highly venomous and the present anti-venom doesnโ€™t work for its venom. โ€œSind krait bite causes fatalities and severe envenomation. The present polyvalent anti-venom may not be beneficial in treating the patients bitten by it. There is not much literature about this snake or snake bite,โ€ he said.

Describing the features, Mr. Ashok said that the Sind krait looks like common krait except for a few morphological features.

โ€œSind krait has single white bands and is divided on its lateral part of the body as compared to two divided bands on the common krait. Its lower lip and body are yellowish. Mid-body scale count of Sind krait is 17 scales as compared to 15 in common krait,โ€ he added.


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