Bangladesh lost due to poor umpiring: 6 African batsmen were given not out in Durban Test, the truth came out in replay

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  • 6 African Batsmen Were Given Not Out In Durban Test, The Truth Came Out In Replay

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There is a lot of discussion about poor umpiring in the first Test between Bangladesh and South Africa played in Durban. A complaint has been lodged with the ICC on behalf of Bangladesh. South Africa won this match by 220 runs. Bangladesh says that South Africa’s batsmen were given not out a total of 6 times in the match when they were out.

Clearly visible in the replay, the out is declared not out.
In South Africa’s second innings, Bangladesh appealed for a lot of LBW and on 6 of those occasions the ball was seen hitting the stumps. In the 19th over of the innings, Bangladesh overturned Adrian Holdstock’s not-out decision with the help of DRS and managed to get him out. Then in the 26th over, pacer Khalid Ahmed dismissed Keegan Pietersen LBW on strike. But for fear of going against the decision, he decided not to take DRS.

Former Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan also took to Twitter to express his disappointment over the on-field umpiring of Adrian Holdstock and Marais Erasmus. Shakib had tweeted on Sunday, “I think it is time for ICC to go back to neutral umpires, as the situation of Kovid is fine in most cricket playing countries.”

Anger of Bangladesh fans on seventh sky
One fan said that going back to neutral umpires is the need of the hour. The fan tweeted, ‘Shakib Al Hasan has once again called neutral umpires in international cricket. Everyone was unhappy with yesterday’s umpiring in Bangladesh, and I agree with that. Some of the LBWs that weren’t given were unreliable. I see that Bangladesh has filed a complaint against the umpiring in the first Test. I understood that completely – there were a lot of mistakes and it looked like the African team took advantage of the green wicket and the umpire’s call.

Another fan tweeted: ‘Shameful umpiring by South African officials. That’s why we need neutral umpires in every international match. Tremendous cheating by the umpires against Bangladesh. Bangladesh is playing against 13 players including the umpires. Disgusting umpiring.

Bangladesh team director Khalid Mahmood was also not happy with some of the on-field calls and spoke after stumps on the fourth day, “Bad umpiring in today’s game is no secret. Many decisions went against us. We lost by one wicket. Missed when our boys were scared to take the review.

There will now be a face-off between South Africa and Bangladesh in the second Test starting on April 8.

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