Barabanki Gang Rape Case Latest News And Updates: 15 Years Old Girl Killed After Gang Rape In Barabanki Uttar Pradesh | The accused kept their mouth and nose pressed so that the girl could not make noise, but died of suffocation, the post mortem report revealed the generosity

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  • Barabanki Gang Rape Case Latest News And Updates: 15 Years Old Girl Killed After Gang Rape In Barabanki Uttar Pradesh

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This photo is from Barabanki. The rape victim was cremated on Thursday evening.

  • Dead body was found in the paddy field late Wednesday evening in Satrikh police station area
  • Police increase the section of rape after the post mortem report

In Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district, more gruesome incidents than Hathras have been reported. Here five pennies crossed the limits of pity with a 15-year-old girl who went to harvest paddy. After drinking alcohol at the farm, the accused nabbed the teenager and raped her. During this time, the victim did not scream, for this the accused kept pressing his mouth and nose. Due to which the victim succumbed and died. This has been revealed in the post mortem report. There were also marks of injury on the teenager’s private part.

Police have increased the currents after the gang rape was confirmed. Police are also interrogating the five suspects in custody. But, there is no significant success so far. There has been tension in the village since this incident. The family members of the deceased were cremated on Thursday evening.

Teenager went to the paddy field on Wednesday evening

The 15-year-old girl, who hails from a village in Satrikh police station area, went to the farm to harvest paddy on Wednesday evening. However, when she did not return till late in the evening, her family members started an investigation. The dead body of the girl was found in an uncultivated state in the field. His hands were tied. The circumstances of the occasion were telling that the girl was first raped and then murdered. The perpetrators were not one or two but more than this. Three bottles of liquor have also been found on the spot.

Section of rape increased in FIR

Superintendent of Police in-charge RS Gautam said that late Wednesday evening, the dead body of a girl was found in the paddy field in the village of Satrikh. After the confirmation of the rape in the post-mortem report, the section of rape with murder has been increased in the FIR. A team has been formed under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police to disclose the incident, which will compile all the evidence and further legal action will be taken accordingly.


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