Barabanki Police Latest News Updates. Police Fake Charges on Youth in Barabanki Uttar Pradesh | Public had beaten the young man on the charges of theft, only the Aadhaar card was found nearby; Police sent to jail for smack recovery

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This is a photo of Barabanki. There is only one person seen in two different photos. In the first photo from the left, people were caught and beaten on charges of theft. In the second photo, the police have made it accused of NDPS.

  • On Sunday morning people were caught on the charge of theft and beaten up by pillars, after which they were handed over to the police.
  • No police officer is ready to speak after being grudging in the case

The Barabanki police of Uttar Pradesh have been accused of implicating a youth caught in a crime of drug trafficking. In fact, on Sunday, a young man was caught on the charge of stealing in the city Kotwali area and he was beaten by people with a pillar. When he was searched, the Aadhar card was recovered from his pocket. After getting information about this, the police reached the spot and took the young man away with him.

But at 5:59 pm, Barabanki police posted the details of his arrest along with the photo of the social media accused youth. It was written that the Kotwali Nagar Police on Sunday arrested Azim Putra Shafiq from Dhanokhar Talab with 50 grams of illegal smack. He is a resident of Pir Batavan of Nagar Kotwali. A case has been registered against him under the 8/21 NDPS Act. People did not believe when they read the photo of the accused youth and the police script.

The same person was seen in the photo, who was caught by people on the charge of theft in the morning and beaten fiercely by tying it to a pillar. During this time people searched him and only Aadhaar card was found from him. During the beating, people present there had also made a video of the man and later the police took him with him. When the police tried to know the reality of the matter, then no responsible officer showed any willingness to speak anything.

How was the arrest from two places, where did Smack come from?

Locals say that during the search of the accused youth, only Aadhaar card was found from him. He did not have anything else. When the police took him away from here, how did he run away and reach another place? Where did smack come from?

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