BCCI President did not have Omicron: Dangerous delta variant found in Sourav Ganguly’s corona sample, being treated with antibody cocktail therapy

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  • Sourav Ganguly Corona Virus Situation Update| Dangerous Delta Variant Found In BCCI President Sourav Ganguly Corona Sample, Treated With Antibody Cocktail Therapy

3 days ago

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Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly, who was found to be Corona positive, has not been hit by the pandemic due to the Omicron variant. A dangerous delta variant has been found in his sample. On Saturday, news agency PTI quoted officials of the Woodlands Municipality Hospital, which treated Ganguly, the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Due to the delta variant, there was a second wave of corona in the country, in which mass deaths were recorded. According to the report of PTI, the report of 49-year-old Sourav’s sample came two days ago, in which the delta variant has been confirmed in his sample. The doctors of the hospital say that now Sourav is being treated according to the protocol of the delta variant. Earlier it was believed that Ganguly has been infected due to the rapidly spreading new corona variant Omicron in the country.

Ganguly has been given antibody cocktail therapy
Sourav was admitted to Woodlands Hospital on Monday after his test report came positive. It has been told by the hospital administration that Ganguly has been given ‘monoclonal antibody cocktail therapy’, which can also defeat the delta variant. Although there was a delta variant inside Sourav, the corona had only very mild symptoms.

Discharged from hospital after staying for four days
After Sourav Ganguly was found positive, he was treated in the hospital for four days. He has been isolated at home after doctors reported that he did not have serious symptoms. He will be under the supervision of doctors for the next 15 days. During this, care will also be taken that they are not facing any complication due to Kovid.

Sourav Ganguly had bid farewell to his fans in this manner while returning home after being discharged from the hospital on Friday.  (file photo)

Sourav Ganguly had bid farewell to his fans in this manner while returning home after being discharged from the hospital on Friday. (file photo)

Last year his elder brother, sister-in-law and mother also got corona infected.
Ganguly’s elder brother Snehasish Ganguly, sister-in-law and mother also became corona infected in July 2020. However, at that time Ganguly’s corona report came negative. He was quarantined at home for a few days.

Sourav Ganguly had heart attack this year
Sourav Ganguly had fainted while doing gym at home on January 2 this year. After that he was admitted to Woodland Hospital. He was admitted in ICU. He had angioplasty done. He was hospitalized for 5 days. After that on January 27, once again Ganguly’s health deteriorated. He was again admitted to the hospital and was discharged from the hospital on 31 January.

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