Bengaluru Bus Conductor Suspended After Horrific Assault On Woman Passenger Goes Viral

The woman pressed charges against the conductor at the Siddapur police station.

A Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus conductor was suspended on Tuesday after a shocking video surfaced online showing him attacking a female passenger.

The incident, according to reports, occurred earlier that day. A woman travelling from Bilekalli to Shivajinagar reportedly argued with the conductor about her ticket. The video captures the woman yelling in Hindi, “How dare you hit me!” while other passengers try to calm the conductor down. However, the situation escalates as the conductor becomes violent, and the woman slaps him. In retaliation, the conductor unleashes a flurry of punches on her. The woman later reported the assault to the Siddapur police.

See the video here:

The woman pressed charges against the conductor at the Siddapur police station. In response to the incident, the BMTC announced the conductor’s suspension. 

“Based on the said social media news, disciplinary action has been reserved against Mr Honnappa Nagappa Agasar, conductor, with immediate effect ‘suspended’,” the BMTC’s official release read.

“Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation is prioritising the safety of women passengers. The corporation has taken measures like separate seating for women in buses, separate doors, installation of panic button, CCTV, installation of information boards, women’s rest room at major bus stations, helpline,” the notice read. “Necessary steps are taken to ensure that women passengers feel safe travelling in company buses.”

Bangalore’s transport corporation, committed to women’s safety and comfort on board, mandates “gender sensitization training” for its entire driving staff of 27,000.

“Our corporation has given priority to the safety of women, and strict disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty of any kind of violence, rude behaviour and untoward incidents against women passengers,” it added.


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