Bengaluru Man Inappropriately Touches Woman At Mall, Police Launch Probe

The police has not released the name of the man but said he is 45 years old.

The police in Bengaluru is looking for a man who is seen touching a woman inappropriately in a video circulating on social media. The police said that the incident took place at the gaming zone of Lulu Mall on Sunday (October 29). They haven’t released the name of the man but said he is 45 years old.

The short clip shows the man walking around in the crowded gaming area. He suddenly spots a woman and rushes towards her, deliberately touching her inappropriately from the back. However, the woman did not react to the misconduct perhaps because of the man bumped into her without knowledge or due to overcrowding.

He immediately walks away as seen in the video, recorded by a person present in the gaming area. The camera then follows the man and shows him moving around the gaming section with hands in his pockets.  

The video was initially posted on Instagram and appeared on other social platforms like X (formerly Twitter). One user who goes by the handle Hate Detector wrote in the caption, “The video of a young woman being sexually harassed by an elderly man at a mall in #Bengaluru went viral on social media following which the #BengaluruPolice began a probe. The video shows the accused man deliberately touching the back of the woman at the games zone in the crowded mall. The video shows the man after the deliberate misbehaviour moving on to another place. The victim had not protested after the misconduct. The video was uploaded on an Instagram account and went viral on social media. The uploader had stated the incident had taken place at the famous #LuluMall.”

Quoting the user who originally posted the video, the X post further said, “Recorded this incident today evening around 6.30 p.m. in #LuluMallFunturaBengaluru. This man in the video was doing such a thing to the random women and girls around here. ‘First when I saw him in a very crowded area, I felt suspicious about him and followed him recording the video. Then I got this.”

The man who recorded the clip also approached the security guards at the mall and informed them about the same. However, the man had disappeared by then.

The police was then informed about the incident and an investigation was launched.

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