Bengaluru Police Arrest Husband, Wife for Stealing 230 Traffic Signal Batteries

The Bengaluru Police have arrested a married couple for robbing batteries from traffic signals in the city. They also stated that 230 batteries taken from 68 traffic intersections in recent months have been recovered. These batteries power traffic signals.

The rising number of battery thefts from traffic lights around the city became a major nuisance for police, who had made concerted attempts to track down the perpetrators. When they eventually broke the case, they were in for a surprise: the perpetrators were a married couple.

S Sikandar (30) and his partner Nazma Sikandar (29), both natives of Chikkabanavara, Bengaluru have been confirmed as the accused. When the investigators were recently reviewing CCTV footage, they noticed the couple roaming around oddly on a scooter between 3 and 5 a.m.

Soon they turned off their scooterโ€™s tail lights to prevent the cameras from collecting the vehicle registration information and took the traffic signal batteries. According to reports, the couple began stealing traffic signal batteries in June 2021. According to the police officer, they used to sell those batteries as junk to get money.

Police said Sikandar used to have a tea shop but had to close it during the lockdown. Later, he began selling tea on the scooter. Further, he was allegedly hounded by traffic cops on several occasions. They even smashed his flask once. S Sikandar, enraged by the occurrence, planned to steal batteries located in traffic signals.

According to the information provided by the police officer, 68 incidents of theft were reported at various signals around Bengaluru. The officers obtained data from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) on 4000 comparable scooters and deliberately questioned over 300 individuals. The police established a camp for a few days at Goraguntepalya junction in order to apprehend the offenders.

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