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Bengaluru Woman Seeks 'Justification' for Paying Rs 2K to Uber to Get Home After Rs 3.5K Flight – News18

Bengaluru Woman Seeks ‘Justification’ for Paying Rs 2K to Uber to Get Home After Rs 3.5K Flight (Photo Credits: X/@manasvisharmaaa/iStock)

Peak Bengaluru: Woman shares how she was charged Rs 2000 for an Uber ride against her flight that costed nearly the same – Rs 3500.

Exorbitant taxi fares in Bengaluru are a well-known topic that never fails to spark discussion. A recent incident brought this issue to light when a woman shared her experience of being charged a high fare by Uber late at midnight. To her surprise, the fare from the airport to her home was nearly as much as her entire airplane ticket โ€“ Rs. 2,000 compared to her Rs. 3,500 flight. The irony begs the question: which is the true luxury, the airplane or the cab?

The woman, Manasvi Sharma, took to social media to express her incredulity in a sarcastic tone, stating, โ€œI booked [a] flight for 3.5k from Pune to Bangalore. And then, a cab for 2k from Bangalore airport to my home,โ€ accompanied by a skull emoji. She even attached a screenshot showing that the least an Uber Go was charging her was Rs. 2,005 at around 12:19 a.m. The irony continued as the ride was labelled โ€œAffordable, compact rides.โ€

Itโ€™s safe to say that with fares soaring to such heights, a flight ticket seems like a bargain compared to hailing a cab in Bengaluru.

Predictably, the post set the internet ablaze, drawing comments from all corners. โ€œThe audacity to write affordable here,โ€ scoffed one netizen. โ€œSo, what? It takes less time to reach from Pune Airport to Bengaluru Airport than Bengaluru Airport to Bengaluru City,โ€ teased another, poking fun at the cityโ€™s notorious traffic. Keeping the humour alive, a third chimed in, โ€œSo, what do you want? Flight 2k and Cab 3.5k ?โ€

Yet amidst the laughter, some pointed out the more practical solution of BMTCโ€™s Volvo buses, operating under Vayu Vajra service, offering a lifeline of affordable public transportation for air travellers. โ€œUr probably unaware of good #BMTC volvo bus service from Bengaluru airport to most important destinations,โ€ one helpful soul suggested. Another echoed the sentiment, โ€œUse Bus. Cheaper, Better and Safer.โ€

But not everyone was convinced, as some highlighted the safety concerns of waiting for buses late at night.

Thus, while the post amassed a staggering 886K views, it ignited a variety of reactions, reflecting the ongoing debate over transportation woes in Bengaluru.

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