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Bengaluru’s Ejipura Flyover Work Finally Resumes And Locals Have Started Digging Memes – News18

Bengaluru’s Ejipura Flyover Work Finally Resumes And Locals Have Started Digging Memes – News18

Ejipura Flyover (Photo Credits: X)

Construction work finally resumed on Ejipura Flyover? Locals can’t keep calm, reacting with hilarious memes and jokes.

The ever-famous Ejipura Flyover in Bengaluru has finally brought some good news. Residents report that construction work has resumed, evident from the renewed activity on the roads. Originally designed to ease traffic congestion from Madiwala to Ejipura and enhance connectivity, the project had become a half-done eyesore, causing more inconvenience with debris and construction materials piling up over the years. However, the news of resumed work brings a glimmer of hope to Bengalureans.

The reaction has been a mix of disbelief and humour. Locals can’t stop laughing at the idea that construction has actually resumed. “The day the flyover is finished, we should declare a Bengaluru holiday to celebrate,” joked one user. Another chimed in, “That’s by archaeology team. They are learning how to dig,” humorously suggesting the flyover has become a historical site due to its prolonged construction.

A third added, “I wonder why it is not declared a historical moment yet. Imho, ASI took charge of this historical site.” A fourth user nostalgically wrote, “Oh dear my loving Ejipura flyover pillars I have grown old with you. Will miss the pillars being used for street lights,” and a fifth quipped, “I think even if person is reborn again in Bengaluru this flyover construction status will be same.”

This isn’t the first time the Ejipura Flyover has sparked a meme frenzy. Previously, a viral picture showed lamp posts proudly standing on the flyover pillars, humorously suggesting a new purpose for the pillars. The internet couldn’t help but chuckle, pondering if this repurposing was the pillars’ true destiny all along.

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The buzz began when ‘X’ user Arnav Gupta shared the picture with a hilarious caption, “Since the flyover will never be built, we are using the pillars as lamp posts now.” This witty remark ignited a flurry of sarcastic replies, highlighting the comical usage of the pillars, considering that ‘roadways’ weren’t their forte.

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