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Best Oils To Massage Newborns in Summer – News18

Best Oils To Massage Newborns in Summer – News18

Proper massage helps in strengthening newborn babies’ bones.

Coconut oil is better for babies because it contains skin moisturising properties.

Newborns do bring happiness to the family, along with a whole lot of responsibilities. Taking care of babies is a difficult task. Due to their weak immune system and less developed bones and muscles, the babies are prone to diseases and other health problems. Their skin is so delicate and soft that they often get rashes and pimples, even in mild sunlight. In such a situation, the parents massage their children to strengthen their bones and muscles. The first choice of the mothers for massaging their newborns is mustard or olive oil. It is affordable and easy to get. Despite this, the mothers are often confused about which oil would be best to massage in summer. Experts believe that coconut oil and almond oil can be the best alternatives to mustard and olive oil in summer. Let’s take a look at the reason behind it.

Coconut Oil

If you want your child’s skin to remain healthy in the summer season, then you can massage it with coconut oil, instead of mustard oil. This oil is light and is easily absorbed in the skin. Experts also claim that coconut oil is better for children’s skin because it contains high amounts of anti-bacterial and skin moisturising properties. These elements are very important for the delicate skin of babies. Applying coconut oil will keep the child’s body and skin cool, providing relief from the scorching heat.

Almond Oil

You can also use almond oil. It has moisturising properties. Massaging with almond oil improves blood circulation in the body. The child gets relief, due to which he falls asleep quickly after massaging. It is believed that a proper massage of the body in the early days of a newborn helps in the physical growth of the children. It strengthens their bones. You can also apply it to your head for the healthy growth of hair. Many parents use mustard oil for massage, it is a bit hard, so it is better to use it in winter.

If you are still confused about which oil to massage your baby with in summer, then you can consult a child specialist. Applying any oil to the baby without knowledge can prevent any side effects. One hour before bathing, massage the baby with light natural oil or oil recommended by an expert.

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