Bestselling Author Dr Jayshree Om Found Her Calling In Vastu And Geopathology

New Delhi: The one that avid readers enjoy more than a good book, is learning how the author was inspired to write it in the first place. 

Such was the case when we picked up the “The Ancient Science of Vastu” series by Dr Jayshree Om, wherein she revealed the timeless and profound nature of Vastu. Dr Jayshree’s reverence and understanding of Vastu has made the three-part non-fictional series a compelling read and made us wonder how she was introduced to this field and the journey she undertook to be where she is today. 

The beginnings of her story can be traced back to her time at Symbiosis International University, Pune – where she was pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She hails from a business family, and pursuing a higher education in commerce seemed like the natural and obvious choice. 

But fate had something else in store for her. Once she finished her postgraduate studies, she couldn’t ignore her calling towards the Earth, literally. She had always had a curiosity to peel back the layers of nature and dig deeper into the world around us. She set her sights on learning more about Vastu and Geopathology, and hasn’t looked back since. 

After earning her PGDBA, she trained and researched with Dr. Dieter Schaffer’s International Geo Safe Institute, Germany. She was awarded a diploma in Geopathology, Earth Sciences, and Electromagnetic Radiation and the permission to cleanse high radiation spaces. 

She earned her doctorate from Zoroastrian College in Vedic Vastu and Earth Sciences. Her research on “Earth Sciences and Radiation” laid the foundation to her long career. 

Her life and work span around the globe, and has had a deep impact on many lives. Other highlights from her career include her work with the United Nations, earning the title of Yoga Shiromani, getting initiated by her guru, Om Swami ji and – as most of us know – writing multiple best-selling books. 

Dr Jayshree Om says that through her writing, she wishes to cumulate her learnings and the teachings of her gurus and the vedic texts in one place so future generations can gain a cohesive understanding of Vāstushāstra. She believes that learning about Vastu and tapping into Vedic knowledge is the key to understanding ourselves and reaching the core of our reality. 

She has dedicated her life to spreading the message of knowledge and learning, and is always working towards educating people about Vastu and how inculcating simple teachings of the science into their lives can have a lasting positive effect for them and humanity. 

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