Bhanu Athaiya, who won the first Oscar for the country, died at the age of 91, so the award was returned to the Statue Safe 8 years ago.

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  • In March 2010, Bhanu Athaiya released his book ‘The Art of Costume Design’
  • Returning to the Oscar Statue in 2012, he said that the family would not be able to protect it after my death.

Bhanu Athaiya, who won the Best Costume Designer Award at the Oscars in 1983 for director Richard Attenborough’s film ‘Gandhi’, died on Thursday. She was 91 years old. Bhanu worked in more than 100 Bollywood films as a costume designer. Bhanu was cremated at the Chandanwadi crematorium ghat in South Mumbai.

Tumor occurred 8 years ago
Bhanu’s daughter said that she breathed her last on Thursday morning. He had a brain tumor diagnosis 8 years ago. She was in bed for the last 3 years. A part of Bhanu’s body was paralyzed. Bhanu was born in Kolhapur and got his first career career with Guru Dutt in 1956 through the film CID. While last designed the costumes for Aamir’s film Lagaan and Shahrukh’s film Swades.

Oscar was returned in 2012
He won the Oscar jointly with John Molo for Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi. But in 2012, Bhanu returned the award to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. The reason behind this was his safety. Bhanu also won two National Awards in his film career of 5 decades. The first in 1990 for Gulzar’s film But in 2001 and the second for Lagaan.

Bhanu did the final in 15 minutes
Richard said in an interview – It took me 17 years to make my dream film Gandhi. But in just 15 minutes my mind had made it final that Bhanu would do the designing of the costume in the film. The 55th Oscar Award was organized on 11 April 1983. Nearly 26 years after Bhanu won the Oscar, the second Oscar was brought to India by music director AR Rahman.


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