Bhanupriya’s birthday: Bhanupriya, who has worked in more than 150 films, went against the parents and got married, divorced in 8 years

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Bhanupriya is the name of the South film industry, which has never needed any introduction. He has worked in many Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. Apart from this, he also worked in Bollywood films in the 90s. Bhanupriya was born on January 15, 1967 in Rajahmundry (Rangampeta Village), Andhra Pradesh. Bhanupriya started her acting career at the age of 17. His first film was in 1983 Tamil film ‘Mella Pesungal’.

Worked in more than 150 films

Bhanupriya, who worked in many Bollywood films in the 90s, has done more than 150 films, including Bollywood’s ‘Dosti-Dushmani’ (1986), ‘Insaaf Ki Pukar’ (1987), ‘Khudgarz’ (1987), ‘Mar Mitenge’ ‘(1988), ‘Tamancha’ (1988), ‘Surya’ (An Awakening) (1989), ‘Dawa Pench’ (1989), ‘The Giver of the Poor’ (1989), ‘Kasam Vardi Ki’ (1989), ‘ Poisonous’ (1990), ‘Bhabhi’ (1991).

When Bhanupriya didn’t go to school for fear of becoming a joke

Bhanupriya’s real name is Manga Bhama. He has no prior film background. While she was studying in school, Bhagyaraja Guru came there one day. He wanted to cast a teenage girl for his film, who knows how to dance well. He selected Bhanupriya, but during a photoshoot, he felt that Bhanu was too young, so he was not cast in the film. As far as Bhanu herself is concerned, she did not go to school again, because she had already said in school that she was playing in films and if she had gone to school after the film got out of hand, she would have been mocked.

divorce from husband

Bhanupriya’s personal life was in the news at one time when she married an NRI. Bhanupriya’s husband Adarsh ​​Kaushal lives in the US and is an NRI Digital Graphics Engineer by profession. Bhanu’s parents were against this marriage but on June 14, 1998, both of them got married in California. Bhanupriya became a mother in 2003 and gave birth to daughter Abhinaya. Two years after the birth of the daughter, Bhanupriya and Kaushal got divorced and the actress shifted to Chennai with her daughter.

Came in the headlines in 2019…

The actress’s name was embroiled in controversies after Bhanupriya was accused of molesting a minor daughter by the maid’s mother. A complaint was lodged against Bhanupriya by the mother of the 14-year-old victim at a police station in Andhra Pradesh. The victim’s mother had complained that Bhanupriya hired her daughter to help with the domestic work but later started exploiting her. Victim’s mother P. Prabhavati has alleged that the actress took her daughter with her to Chennai a year and a half ago to help with household chores. He (Bhanupriya) had also promised to give ten thousand rupees a month’s salary but he did not pay even once. At the same time, Prabhavati says that now Bhanupriya demanded 10 lakh rupees from her daughter and also threatened that she would file a case of theft against him. On the other hand, Bhanupriya had denied all the allegations against her.

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