Bhaskar Cricket Podcast: Bengaluru pitch not good for Test cricket, yet ICC cannot take action against BCCI

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The first day of the second Test match between India and Sri Lanka in Bengaluru, which started on Saturday, was entirely in the name of the bowlers. 16 wickets fell in one day. Veteran commentator and cricket expert Sushil Doshi said in his podcast that this type of pitch is not good for Test cricket. Despite this, there is little hope that the ICC will take any action against the BCCI. In international cricket, 70% of the revenue is generated from India itself, so no one would like to mess with BCCI.

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case of atrocities on innocent
Doshi said that making such a pitch against a team like Sri Lanka is tantamount to atrocities against innocent people. The current Sri Lankan team is breathless and has only a handful of players worthy of five days’ cricket. So it would have been nice if a better pitch was made.

Foreign teams get the right to choose batting or bowling first
Doshi also gave a unique suggestion to check the trend of home teams winning matches by getting their pitches made of their choice. He said that the toss can also be eliminated in Tests. Foreign teams should be given the right whether they want to bat or bowl first. This will curb the thought of making a bad pitch.

Shreyas Iyer not only good batsman but also captaincy material

Doshi praised young batsman Shreyas Iyer, who scored the highest 92 runs for India. He said that Iyer has a long range of shots. He displayed amazing footwork. Guilty admits that Iyer has the qualities of being a good captain as well as being a good batsman. He has the ability to take the team out of difficult situations.

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