Bhaskar Education: Preparing for competitive exam, so definitely read these questions related to GK and current affairs

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In almost all competitive examinations, questions related to current affairs are asked. These types of questions are given in Education Bhaskar. It contains questions and answers to important events of the week. If you are preparing for any competitive exam then these questions and answers will help you. Through these questions, you can strengthen your preparation.

Additional Knowledge- India has slipped two places to 53rd in the Global Ranking for Democracy Index 2020. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit (IEU), India has slipped two places compared to last year in retreating from democratic values ​​and action on civil liberties. However, India is above the neighboring countries. India got 6.9 points last year, which has now come down to 6.61 points. In 2014, India was ranked 27th with 7.92 points.

Norway topped this list. It is followed by Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand and Canada. Out of 167 countries in this index, 23 were classified as full democracy, 52 as flawed democracy, 35 as mixed governance and 57 as authoritarian rule. India was classified as a flawed democracy along with the US, France, Belgium and Brazil.

Additional Knowledge- The country’s first paperless budget was presented on 1 February this year. The finance minister read it from the Made in India tablet. MPs also got the budget on their mobiles. Every year the documents of the Union Budget are printed in the press of the Ministry of Finance. It consists of about 100 employees, who stay together for 15 days until the budget documents are printed, sealed and delivered on the budget day. But due to the Corona epidemic this year, the Union Budget paper did not go out of print. In such a situation, it was decided to make the budget paperless. This was the first time since independence when budget papers were not printed and instead budgets were introduced from tablets. If you also want to read, you can read the budget from the Union Budget App.

Additional Knowledge- Amazon’s current CEO Jeff Bezos has announced his resignation, after which now Andy Jacy will be given the responsibility of the new CEO of Amazon. In 1997, Andy Jassi, 52, joined Amazon. Andy started Amazon Web Services and took it to new heights. Andy Jessie was promoted to the post of AWS CEO by Jeff Bezos in 2016. On the other hand, Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994 and is headquartered in Washington, USA.

Additional Knowledge- Indian-American Bhavya Lal has been appointed acting chief of staff, acting head of the US space agency NASA. President Joe Biden wants to make some changes and reviews in the space agency. Therefore, he has given this important responsibility to Bhavya. Bhavya is basically Space Scientist. She has also been on Biden’s transition team. She has been a member and researcher in the Defense Analysis Wing of the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STPI) from 2005 to 2020. In the matter of space research, he has also worked in the US big company C-STPS LLC. Later she also became its president. He was then made a member of the Space Intelligence Committee at the White House.

Additional Knowledge- Oxford Languages ​​has chosen the term Self-reliance as the Hindi Word of the Year 2020. Earlier, Aadhaar in 2017, Nari Shakti in 2018 and the Constitution in 2019 have been elected in Oxford. The word of the year is chosen to reflect the mood of the past year and the busyness of the people and which also has cultural significance in the coming years. The meaning and thinking of the word self-reliance has been a part of the sentiment of most Indians over the years.

Other Word of the Year 2020

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  • Cambridge Dictionary- Quarantine
  • Collins Dictionary– Lockdown

Additional Knowledge- 25-year-old Ayesha Aziz of Jammu and Kashmir has become the youngest female pilot of India. In 2011, Ayesha became a student pilot after being licensed only at the age of 16. The following year he trained to fly the MIG-29 jet at Sokol Airbase, Russia. Ayesha started training at the school when she was 16 years old and in the year 2017, she got a commercial license from Bombay Flying Club.

Additional Knowledge- Every year 4 February is celebrated as World Cancer Day with the aim of making the common people aware of the dangers of cancer and its symptoms and prevention. The day was started in 1933 by the UICC in Switzerland. This year, the theme of the day was ‘I AM and I Will’. This theme has been kept for 3 years from the year 2019 to 2021, which continues this year.

Additional Knowledge- Jai Shah, Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), was elected the new President of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). Shah replaces Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chairman Najmul Hasan. ACC was established in 1983. The purpose of this organization is to develop the game of cricket in Asia. It is recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Currently 25 countries are members of ACC.

ACC also organizes the Asia Cup tournament. In 2020, the tournament was postponed until June this year due to Corona. Earlier this tournament was to be held in Pakistan. Now this tournament can be held in Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

Additional Knowledge- The country’s first IGNOU Cafe has been opened in Jammu and Kashmir. The cafe has ice tables, which serve hot food to the customers. It is about 15 feet high and its roundness is 26 feet. This cafe is built by the local hotel operator of Gulmarg, situated at an altitude of about 2,730 meters. This ice-made cafe is attracting tourists and locals.

Additional Knowledge- There have been no new cases of coronavirus in Andaman and Nicobar for the last few days and this is why it has recently become the first coronavirus free union territory in the Andaman and Nicobar island with the number of coronaviruses being zero. Coronavirus, originating from the Chinese city of Wuhan, has been named SARS COV-2, while the disease spread by the virus has been named Kovid-19. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a union territory of India, located in the Bay of Bengal. It was founded on 1 November 1956 and its capital is Port Blair.

Additional Knowledge- Indonesia’s most active volcano ‘Mount Merapi’ has recently experienced an eruption. This volcano is located on Mount Merapi Mountains, which is considered to be the most active volcano in Indonesia. At the same time, the world’s most active volcano is Keelamu located on the island of Hawaii, USA. While the world’s highest volcanic mountain is Mount Cotopaxi and the Stromboli volcano is called the lighthouse of the Mediterranean Sea.

Additional Knowledge- In the Indian constitution, the term budget has been replaced by annual financial statements and annual financial disbursements. The word budget is derived from the Latin word bulga, meaning leather bag. After this the word became Boughat in the language of France. After this, after a few abrasions, in English the word became boget or bojet. Later this term became budget. The first budget of independent India was presented by Finance Minister RK Shanmukham Chetty on 26 November 1947. Whereas, the first budget of the Republic of India was presented by John Mathai on 28 February 1950.

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