Bhaskar Exclusive: Anupam Kher said – I did not reach this stage only on the basis of talent, my attitude also played an important role

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14 minutes agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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  • Recently Anupam Kher launched his book ‘Your Most Day Is Today’
  • Anupam, who has been 65 years old, said that the interval of life has just happened.

Actor Anupam Kher’s new book ‘Your Most Day Is Today’ recently launched. In this book written in the Corona era, he talks about positive aspects of life. In a special conversation with Bhaskar, Anupam gave suggestions on the advice to live life. Read the key parts of the interview …

Question: Depression increased during Corona period, people lost their jobs, business came to a standstill. Many actors have done suicide in Bollywood. In such a situation how can one make the worst of his life the best?

answer: When I came to Mumbai from New York on 20 March, I realized that the epidemic would affect our lives. I had never seen the streets of Mumbai deserted like this. The airport was never seen. My friend Anil Kapoor said not to meet anyone before 14 days. However, I am an optimistic person. But, I wondered if I would see a ray of hope in it. What silver lining will be seen behind the clouds. Then one day the cuckoo’s cuckoo and birds chirped.

It was the first time in 39 years of my stay in Mumbai, when I felt that humans were in cages and animals and birds looked free. In any case, we have to find positivity in life. I have not reached this stage only on the strength of my talent. My attitude also plays an important role in this. Never let the optimistic attitude fall. You have to keep this attitude. No matter how bad the situation is, you should see a light beam of light. He must find it.

Question: What did you feel was the most positive in the entire Corona period?

Question: That a human being does not need anything other than three things in his lifetime. We keep running after the mirage, which does not even matter. For example, we need expensive bags, dark glasses and expensive carts, but when the lockdown announcement took place, only three things were in everyone’s mind. Number one somehow reach your parents, wives and children. Number two is just to get the most important things somehow. The third wifi should run so that the relationship with the world remains.

This round has proved positive for us in many ways. Talked to friends and relatives who had forgotten. Explored new hobbies and habits. I had a photo of the 10th standard with 150 friends. I contacted 40 of them. Talked to them. Meditation done collectively. Poses came in life, which is desperately needed.

Question: What was the beautiful thing about Sushant Singh Rajput that you felt during the shoot?

answer: Sushant had the Sense of Wonder in his eyes. His charisma was also reflected by his words. He wanted to do a lot in life. I am very sad that he is no more. They must have had many dreams. When we did the biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, when I saw how hardworking he was. Their lack will always be missed.

Question: You turned 65. Are far more active than their peers, even come to Hollywood. What will we do now that is absolutely ‘unique’?

answer : Life’s interval has just arrived. Our morale comes from inside. I try not to lie to myself. I take care of my health I am not afraid of failure. People usually stop at any stage of life to see if they will get success by trying something new. By keeping this kind of approach, we remain as a mediocre.

My father said long ago, ‘Failure is an Event, Not a Person’. This means that humans do not fail, circumstances fail. There is an accident that happens in someone’s life. The second thing was that it is the easiest thing to please anyone. I keep following both things. Does not care to lose anything. All these together keep me active. When the eyes are open every morning, thank God that the eyes are open. A new day has started. Life is beautiful.

Question: Which of your mother’s lessons helped you most in this era of Corona? Tell me if there is any anecdote in the book?

answer : The title of the book is from the education given by the mother. When we were younger, mother used to leave me and my younger brother Raju for 15 minutes on foot at the school gate. Giving both of them a box of food, she used to say in Kashmiri, ‘Your best day is today’. Today is the best day of your life. So we were happy when we won or lost in school or drama. The rest of the mother has taught tolerance.

Question: When you were writing the book, what did you think about the state of the world caused by the corona virus?

answer: Mankind had created a lot of anger on this work. We had forgotten that more animals and animals live in it. We were so lost in our greed that nobody else cared. In such a situation, this little virus gave us a lesson that we have to take care of others as well. You have to control your greed. When the ocean churns, the poison also comes out with nectar. So, in the coming era people will live with sympathy. Will also think of others.


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