Bhaskar Explaner: Who is Mo Dhaliwal, whose toolkit Thanberg shared? What is his Khalistan connection? Know everything

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Sweden’s climate activist Greta Thunberg wrote on social media in favor of the ongoing peasant movement in India. He also shared a document called Toolkit. In this, the methods of agitation were told. However, the creation of this toolkit is suspected by the Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF). Its co-founder is Mo Dhaliwal. It is being said that Dhaliwal is pro-Khalistan and is running an anti-India agenda from Canada.

Who is Dhaliwal after all? What connection does he have with Khalistan? What does Dhaliwal’s firm PJF do? What explanation has PJF given on these allegations? What is the toolkit about which there is a dispute? Has this toolkit been used before? Let’s know …

Who is Mo Dhaliwal?

Mo Dhaliwal is the co-founder and Chief Strategist of Skyrocket, a Vancouver-based digital branding creative agency in Canada. The company was launched in 2011. According to her social media profile, she studied at the University of Fresher Valley, British Columbia. From here he has done a two-year diploma in Business Administration.

Regarding the PJF being associated with Dhaliwal, Dhaliwal has written on social media that its founder is his friend Anita Lal. In Sikh and Punjabi circles of Canada, he is known for his entrepreneurial skills.

What connection does he have with Khalistan?

In September 2020, Dhaliwal said in a social media post that ‘I am Khalistani. You probably don’t know about me. Why? Because Khalistan is an idea. Khalistan is a living, breathing movement. In September itself, he appealed to people to sign a petition. The petition was against the Macdonald-Lorrier Institute, an Ottawa-based public think-tank that published the report ‘Khalistan: A Project of Pakistan’.

In a recent video on social media, Mo Dhaliwal is speaking in support of the Khalistan Movement. In this video, he tells that he has lost his uncle in the Khalistan Movement. And says that his uncle Khalistani was a terrorist. Which was killed in an encounter by Punjab Police in 1984. In the video, he says about the ongoing farmers’ movement in Delhi that if agricultural laws are withdrawn, then he does not win. He claims that after this the fight related to the Khalistan Movement will begin. However, how much truth is there in this video is a matter of investigation.

What does Dhaliwal’s firm PJF do?

This Canadian firm describes itself as an institution raising voice against harassment and discrimination. On the homepage of its website There is a mention of the name website, on which a lot of propaganda content against India is available. The website states that India is moving towards a ‘fascist, violently repressive regime’. Also, many statements of pro-Khalistan and pro-Pakistan Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh are available on the website.

This firm claims that it is actively associated with the farmer movement in India. The firm’s Twitter page was created in February 2020, followed by Facebook and Instagram page in June 2020. Content related to the farmers’ movement and the alleged atrocities of the Government of India have also been put on them.

What explanation has PJF given on these allegations?

The PJF issued a statement on Saturday and clarified the entire controversy. The Foundation says that she did not make any co-ordination for the performance in Delhi nor did she contact celebrities like Rihanna, Greta for tweeting. The Foundation says that it was not involved in the violence in Delhi and Lal Qila on 26 January. However, the Foundation says that it will continue to advocate farmers’ issues worldwide.

Now what is this toolkit?

The toolkit is a document in which to mobilize support on social media during the movement, what type of hashtag to use, where to contact if there are any problems during the demonstration? What to do and what to avoid during this time? This is all explained in this toolkit. Greta Thunberg shared the same toolkit. There was also a ‘power point presentation’, in which the logo of ‘Poetic Justice Foundation’ was attached.

Has this kind of toolkit come into the discussion for the first time?

No. It’s not like that. In fact, last year in America, the police killed a black George Floyd on the street. After this, the ‘Black Life Matter’ campaign was started. People all over the world, including India, raised their voice in favor of black people. A toolkit was prepared by those who ran this movement.

In this, many things were told about the movement, such as – how to get into the movement, where to go, where not to go, what to do if you take police action? What kind of clothes to wear during the performance, so that ease of movement. What to do if the police gets caught What are your rights about this? Also in Hong Kong, the toolkit was shared in the ongoing movement against China.


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