Bhaskar ground report from four districts of the state including Barmer-Jaisalmer: 2000 crore spent in 27 years but no water-electricity nor roads in 500 villages and dhanis of 4 districts of the border

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  • 2000 Crores Spent In 27 Years, But Neither Water, Electricity Nor Roads In 500 Villages And Dhanis In 4 Districts Of The Border

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Barmer / Jaisalmer4 minutes agoAuthor: Poonam Singh Rathore

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The condition of Ghantiyali village is worse

  • The biggest investigation to reveal the truth of BADP scheme implemented for the development of border villages

Dozens of villages including Barder and Padalia, Kerkori, Hapia, Malana, Heerpura of Barmer and Jaisalmer settled on Indo-Pak border. With the BADP scheme being in a radius of 10 km from the border, crores of rupees are being spent annually on development works. Despite this, basic facilities like roads, water, electricity and medical facilities are not available on its surface.

In dozens of border villages, there are no paved roads even drinking water. In Barmer alone, the scheme has cost 500 crores in the last 27 years. The people of border villages of both the districts have to face the problem of drinking more water than livelihood. The surprising thing is that in the last 11 years, a budget of Rs 350 crore has been spent on the villages of ten km radius from the border under the BADP scheme, yet 20 villages and 200 dhanis have drinking water facilities and no road-electricity.

The district is allocated a budget of 30 to 40 crores annually. In the plan, water, electricity, roads, medical works are proposed to be done. 30% of the work due to the negligence of the system has been incomplete for years. That is, we could not use the budget.

  • 111 districts in 17 states receive BADP money.
  • This scheme is applicable in 1083 villages of Bikaner, Barmer, Jaisalmer and Srigangaganar in Rajasthan. There are 168 km border areas in Bikaner, 210 km in Sriganganagar, 228 in Barmer and 464 km in Jaisalmer.
  • It will take 33 years to develop a zero to 10 km villain
  • BADP was started in 1987. Applied since 1993 in Rajasthan.
  • A village of zero to 10 km radius will have to be developed by 2024. Which will take 33 years.
  • So far, 600 crore has been spent in Jaisalmer, 500 crore in Barmer, 400-400 crore in Bikaner and Sriganganagar.

Jaisalmer: Crores spent on 145 villages of the border, development disappears
The BADP scheme in the district was started in the year 1993. In the initial 5-6 years, there was no guide line for development in the villages of the border. At that time hospital quarters were also built in the city. Work was also done in the city. After the year 1999, a guide line for spending the budget of BADP came in the villages within 10 km from the border. Prior to Tarbandi, there was a guide line to spend on development in villages coming within 10 km radius of the village.

Bikaner: Road no water in Beedi village, treatment is also 20 km away

This is the last village of the international border 19 Bd. From here, Pakistan’s outpost is clearly seen across the border. There is neither a road nor a hospital in this village. If someone becomes ill at night, one has to go to Khajuwala, 20 km away or Bikaner 120 km for treatment. There is also a shabby road for the movement of the army. From the drains of the village to the road is not paved. In five years, the expenditure on this village has been shown by other schemes including the Border Area Development Project (BADP).

Sriganganagar: Purchased ambulance and other vehicle from BADP fund

141 crore has been spent in the BADP scheme in Sriganganagar district in the last 5 years, but the villages adjacent to the border are craving for basic amenities like roads, water. The Zilla Parishad figures showed that earlier 40 to 50 crores were found in BADP every year, but this amount has been declining since two years. Two years ago, the administration purchased three vehicles from BADP’s 41 lakh. Of these, two ambulances worth 16 lakhs were given to the Health Department, while a vehicle worth 25 lakhs were given to the Forest Department.


This project is applicable in 17 states, only in the name of audit

From the examples of 5 villages, understand the truth of development of border villages

The water problem is acute in two dozen villages, including Padariya, Kerkori, Hapia, Malana, Heer Pura, located within a radius of 10 km from the Indo-Pak border. Many villages including Sarguwala, Duthoda, Kerkori have not yet been constructed with paved roads. Due to lack of electrification, the people of border villages are living their life in the light of chimney.

Border budget spent on roads, government buildings in the city
After the year 2009-10, a 10-km radius was set in the guideline. Earlier, the CC road was constructed in the Collectorate from the budget of BADP scheme. Apart from the police line quarters, the CID office building was also constructed with this amount. A district dairy dairy plant was constructed.

The scope of the plan did not increase for 11 years

The scope of BADP scheme has not been extended even after the last 11 years. Earlier the budget of this scheme was spent on the villages of the entire district. But in 2009, the central government issued orders to spend the budget only in villages falling within a radius of 10 km from the border. After this, a plan for the development works of border villages is prepared every year. In these villages, 80 percent of the budget on water, electricity, roads and medical facilities and the remaining 20 percent of the budget is spent on other works.
Questions and answers from Project Director Bhaskar Tripathi

Question- How much has BADP spent in all the four districts till now?
Answer- Around 2000 crores.
Question- Then why the last village of the border did not develop.
Answer- BADP’s scope was large in the first decade. The proposal from the local level was taken instead of the marginal village and the village connected to the urban area. These decisions are also taken by many officials, including MP-MLA and Collector.
Question- But the money is from the village of Border. When will they develop again?
Answer – Our goal is to complete the development of zero to 10 km villages by 2024.
Question- In many villages, even if the road is not built then how will we complete it.
Answer – Offers have come. We will work as target teams by creating teams.


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