Bhaskar Ground Report: Lata Mangeshkar got infected even after taking both the doses of the vaccine, Riyaz has also reduced for 3-4 years

Mumbai12 hours earlierAuthor: Rajesh Gaba

Swara Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar was admitted to the ICU of Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai on Sunday (January 9) morning after being hit by Corona. There is a constant concern about his health among the fans. According to information received from the hospital, 92-year-old Lata Mangeshkar has many other problems due to age. Because of this, doctors are taking special care of him. At the same time, he also has pneumonia with Kovid. The doctors will keep him under observation for the next 8-10 days.

Dainik Bhaskar learned the condition of Prabhakunj, the residence of Lata Tai on Pedder Road. Lata Tai alone in Prabhakunj is not corona positive, about 4-5 more people are infected in the building. At present, the entry of outsiders and drivers is also closed in the building. For almost 2 years, Lata Tai has rarely appeared in the balcony of the house. His Riyaz is also not regular for some 4 years.

Tai got infection even after both doses of the vaccine
Lata Mangeshkar’s niece Rachna told that Lata Tai’s condition is stable. May you all pray that Tai gets well soon and come back home. He told that Tai had received both the doses of the vaccine, even after that she has become infected. At present, he is under the supervision of doctors.

Lata Mangeshkar lives in the first floor of Prabhakunj
His flat is on the first floor of the building. Also, his sister Usha Mangeshkar, brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar and his entire family live in the same building. Asha Bhosle lives in Ashoka Tower Lower Parel. When we wanted to talk about Lata Mangeshkar to the people of her building and the neighbors, she refused to appear in front of the camera. They told us off the record that we have been living here for almost 15 years. Earlier Lata Tai used to be seen, many times she used to be seen sitting in the balcony or getting down from the lift, but after falling ill in 2019, she was seen by us only once or twice.

Kovid patients still in many flats in Prabhakunj building, are in quarantine at home
Drivers of the residents of the building are not allowed inside the building. This rule has been implemented since the arrival of Kovid. Neighbors told that there are currently 4 to 5 houses of Prabhakunj building with Kovid patients, who are home quarantined. There is also a note on the gate of his house. Even before this, 2 to 3 families had come positive, they have now recovered. In the first wave of Kovid, after more patients came to this building, it has also been sealed.

Earlier the voice of Tai’s Riyaz was also heard.
The person living in the building with Lata Tai said, 3-4 years ago when Tai used to do Riyaz early in the morning, there was a sound till our homes. We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of being so close to him.

Praying Tai gets well soon
Neighbors told that from the day we came to know about Tai’s health, we are all praying that he gets well soon and comes back. We haven’t even seen them for a long time. It is a matter of pride for us that we have seen Swara Kokila many times.

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