Bhaskar Interview: Anju Bobby George Boli – An attempt to make sports compulsory in schools, so that athletics can be promoted from there.

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  • Anju Bobby George Said Efforts Are Being Made To Make Sports Compulsory In Schools, So That Athletics Can Be Promoted From There.

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Former long jumper Anju Bobby George is the first female vice president of the Indian Athletics Federation.

Former long jumper Anju Bobby George is the first female vice president of the Indian Athletics Federation. He won the bronze medal at the 2003 World Championships. She became the first Indian player to do so. 43-year-old Anju Bobby George says that preparations for the Tokyo Olympics have started after the lockdown.

Before that a plan is being chalked out to send players to the training cum competition to give them exposure. So that players can achieve the rhythm. He also said that the Sports Ministry and the Federation are working to promote athletics at the school level. Excerpts from his talks about future plans and Olympic preparations…
What are the plans for the Tokyo Olympic preparations?
After the lockdown, training of senior players has started. Junior players are also being called. Staying away from training for a few months was like a nightmare for the players. But now all the players have started preparations. We have planned competition less training to give athletes exposure before the Olympics.
No Indian could win a medal in the World Athletics Championship after you, why? Is there a shortage of talent?
More than 240 countries participate in the World Championship. Competition is very difficult there. There is no dearth of talent in India. Our athletes are working hard. But they are a few steps away from the medal. He is expected to reach the podium in the coming few years.
What are the plans to find and craft Indian rural talent?
The National Inter District Competition is being organized by the Federation to find rural talent. Khelo India Games are also being held there. Talent search competition is being conducted in different age groups of Sai and Federation Khelo India. Searching for talent from there and giving training in various academies.
What efforts are being made to promote athletics at the school level?
Syllabus in schools is quite difficult. In such a situation, it is difficult for students to focus on the game. The ministry is making syllabus easier so that children can also take interest in sports. At the same time, the Ministry of Education is also making sports compulsory with education. So that in schools, the focus can be on sports as well as sports.
What steps are being taken to motivate girls athletes?
Girls athletes are doing better than men. They are trying to come forward. Parents of the Federation are motivating the parents for this. At the same time, Sai District is developing infrastructure at the level to increase the games on the grass root. But the biggest problem is better coaching. For this, level 1 and level-2 courses have been started.
What action are you taking on age fraud?
The federation is numbering new athletes at the state-national level. In such a situation, he can participate in every competition by telling that number. Once registered, if athletes later tamper with age, they will be caught. In Khelo India, athletes are undergoing physical examination to verify their age. It is also keeping a record of this. So that future disturbances can be detected.

What is being done to get the benefit of the experience of former athletes to the current athletes?
International athletes are being appointed as coaches and experts at Sai Centers. At the same time, the federation is also calling former athletes to the camp of junior and senior athletes. So that young athletes get the benefit of their experience. We try to support former athletes in one way or the other.


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