Bhaskar Interview- Deepa Malik: Started playing to remove negative thinking of society, discrimination will end soon in new India

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Persistence… Passion… Emotion… Without these three things one cannot achieve success. A perfect example of this is Paralympic medalist Deepa Malik. 51-year-old Deepa had been away from the sport after suffering a paralysis, but she had such a passion for the sport that she returned at the age of 36 and at the age of 46 won the country a medal in the Paralympics. He said, “I took the help of sports to remove the negative thinking of the society. Age, disability, there should not be any difference between boy and girl. Know about the journey of Deepa’s sports…

Question: After you were paralyzed, people’s thinking must have changed, how did you break it?​
Answer: I got recognition from the game. At the age of 30, he was paralyzed and then had surgery. After this everyone had thought that the mother of two children, wife and a good housewife would not be able to become. My identity was just that of a sick woman. People used to think that this woman would drag her life on a chair and would end up being locked in a room. But to overcome the negative thinking of the society, he took the support of sports and returned again at the age of 36 and got the medal.

Question- Which sport did you like in the beginning?
Answer: The first game was swimming. At the age of 40, Javelin became a thrower. After this, at the age of 46, in shot put, the country got a silver medal in the Rio Paralympics.

Even today there is a difference between boys and girls in the country. What do you have to say about this?
Games began to find an identity. An identity in which I feel fit. Age, disability, difference in boy and girl are all excuses. These excuses come when you can’t trust yourself. drains the power of learning. I didn’t let my disability and age become fetters. I filled the colors of my hard work in it.

Question: What should be done to create a sports environment?
Answer: 80 percent of India lives in villages. Talking about Grass Route, we have to talk about Rural India. Talking about rural India, we have to talk about education. The more educated the society, the better the perception. If you want to see the progress of the country, then it is necessary to connect women. Women have to be made aware that they have to contribute to the progress of the country.

Question: How can discrimination between boys and girls be stopped?
Answer: When girls go out to play, they face different obstacles. There is no difference between policy and constitution. This is human thought. Women are winning medals in major tournaments. Discrimination will end soon in New India.

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