Bhaskar Interview: Dhaakad Girl Kangana Ranaut spoke on personal life – a wakeup call has come in my life

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Padma Shri actress Kangana Ranaut has more than one and a half decades of experience in the film industry. His action genre film ‘Dhaakad’ is coming on May 20. On the making of the film and Bollywood’s ‘action’ towards him, he has kept his ‘reaction’ with impunity. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

When did ‘Dhaakad’ start?
This came to me in the year 2019. Producer Sohail Maklai had brought it to me. Many years ago I did his film ‘Knock Out’. Irfan sir was also with us in that. I had become very good friends with Sohail at the very beginning of my career. However, it took a long time for Dhakad to say yes. The directors are new. I thought about it a lot. I thought there were new filmmakers. Don’t know what will be the mounting of the film?

How did the character Agni transform himself?
Actually Jayalalithaa was doing ‘Thalaivi’ in those days. There I had gained 20 kilos. I had never thought that I would be offered a film like ‘Dhaakad’. However, early in my career, I used to think, especially when I did ‘fashion’. During ‘Fashion’, I did a lot of training too. I was only 17 to 18 years old at the time of ‘Fashion’. Then came a role in my part in the ‘Krrish’ franchise. So at the time of ‘Fashion’ and ‘Krrish’, I used to think that a female action film would come in my account. However, there was no chance then. Then when I did not expect such films during ‘Thalaivi’, then this film came to me.

Why the outsiders’ support for the alleged camps in Bollywood is still less visible?
The camps that I have always talked about, they can go to any extent to eliminate the front. Like my film is coming, it doesn’t have any support from the industry. His intention is not that films should be played. Their aim is to play only those films which they want. Alam was that Mr Bachchan tweeted the trailer of my film, but he had to delete it immediately. Now whether it was pressure on him or something else, he does not know. But so much pressure can come on such a big personality. Or did he do it himself, we can’t tell that, so at this time we can think that where are the minds of the campers going?

Last November you said you were in a happy space. Another shehnai is going to be played in the year 2023?
Of course all of you will know all that very soon. I have certainly ignored my personal life a lot over the years. However, there comes a wakeup call in everyone’s life that brother, now live for yourself too. Apart from work, make a family of your own. I am hoping to do the same. My call has also come.

After the Sushant episode, is the audience angry with some Bollywood actors? Maybe that’s why his recent films did little?
I can’t say whether people are angry with anyone or not? Although I have been openly speaking that the way people are treated in the industry, the way people are harassed. In such a situation, people will be angry. That is because it is such a field where ‘those’ people emerge as role models. Everyone keeps doing ‘Most Desirable’, ‘Highest Paid’ propaganda. But when it comes to answering, then that accountability has to be taken. Although ‘they’ are not able to answer that too. No one is answering their conduct that how grouping is done that the person is forced to commit suicide. Or so many cases are being done against me, which have no meaning. Or no one can talk about my films. The audience is watching all these things.

People who are not supporting your films publicly, if you have to meet them personally at some event, then what do they say?
Wherever I am called, I go there. Because like I said, I’m not afraid of anyone. My heart is also clean. Anyone who wants to talk to me can do it. I also went to that ‘Koffee’ show. I am always ready to talk. But these people are afraid to talk to me. If I see them, they scatter and run away. change the way. Gets nervous of giggles. Well we were never friends.

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