Bhaskar Interview: Hungama 2 is not on the shoulders of Shilpa Shetty and Paresh Rawal, I have nothing to do with the rest of Raj Kundra: Ratan Jain

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  • Hungama 2 Producer Ratan Jain On Raj Kundra Porn Case Controversy: Film Not On Shoulders Of Shilpa Shetty And Paresh Rawal And I Have Nothing To Do With Rest Of Raj Kundra

35 minutes agoWriter: Amit Karn

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  • Shilpa is not even the heroine of the film, she is just an actor.
  • People will watch ‘Hungama 2’ more due to Raj Kundra controversy

Hungama 2 is in a ‘ruckus’ environment ahead of its release due to other reasons. The film’s main lead’s husband Raj Kundra is facing a flurry of serious allegations. The film’s producer Ratan Jain believes that he has nothing to do with the controversy. The film would have suffered if Shilpa Shetty had been the producer of the film. Here are the highlights of the special conversation with him-

  • You must be asking the same question these days?

Look, I have nothing to do with Raj Kundra. Only Shilpa Shetty has worked in my film. The publicity of the film has also ended. We have nothing to do with Shilpa’s personal matter.

  • Although it is being written everywhere as ‘Shilpa Shetty’s husband’?

He will not be there, otherwise who knows Raj Kundra. Yes, how did Raj Kundra become Bollywood? He is neither a producer, nor an actor, nor a director. He is the husband of an actress. If the husband of a big actress does something, then how can he be connected with Bollywood.

  • Afraid that ‘Hungama 2’ may also have to bear the slogans of Boycott film?

No. The film is of Venus. What does this have to do with them legally? If someone in someone’s family does wrong, will the whole family stop drinking food? They are not even my family. Shilpa has just done the job. If she was a producer, you could have done anything. Shilpa is only an actor in the film, not even a heroine.

  • This question arose because when Alia Bhatt’s film ‘Sadak 2’ came just after the passing of Sushant Singh Rajput, the film had to face a lot of opposition?

Everyone knows the end of that kind of issue. By the way, nine out of ten issues get fuzzy, when the real reason comes to the fore. Yes, when matters are new hot, then definitely a gang becomes active on social media. Ultimately, the law will do its job, will it not? We are no one to speak to you.

  • Since the hearing of the Raj Kundra case is on Friday itself and the film is also releasing simultaneously. Even then it won’t have any effect?

Absolutely not. No chance. On seeing ‘Hungama 2’, it will appear that he is just an actor. The film is not about him.

  • But can it be said that the film is on the shoulders of Shilpa and Paresh Rawal?

No. The film is on Meezaan’s shoulder before him. Praneeta Subhash has a very important role. The biggest role is of Ashutosh Rana. Then somewhere this film is on the shoulders of Paresh Rawal ji and finally Shilpa. These two are not the main characters of the story.

  • But how legitimate do you consider the demand to remove Shilpa from the judge of ‘Super Dancer’?

It has always happened, then it gets better. ‘Super Dancer’ is a different thing. There he is the judge. The film is a different matter.

  • By the way, what will be the effect of the Raj Kundra controversy on the film?

People will watch more ‘Hungama 2’. But my question is if you want to watch Hungama 2, will you wait for a controversy like Raj Kundra. On other social media, similar people are engaged in such controversies, who have a lot of free time. Or who just enjoys gossips.

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