Bhaskar Interview: Lavlina says – Mother taught me how to make taunts my strength, by making me a boxer

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Guwahati15 minutes agoAuthor: Dilip Kumar Sharma

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Lovlina Borgohaiin, Boxer.

  • Assam boxer Lovelina Borgohai preparing for Tokyo

The twelve heads of village in Assam are now famous because of Lavalina Borgohaiin. 23-year-old Lavlina is the world’s third seeded female boxer in the 69 kg category. Lavlina, who started boxing at the age of 15, won a bronze in Asian boxing at the age of 19. In 2018 Indian Open won gold then Aiba won bronze in world boxing. Lavlina, who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, is training in Bangalore. Excerpts from his conversation…

‘It was not easy for me to move forward in boxing. Father Tiken Borgohai worked as a laborer in a tea plantation away from home. He used to get only two and a half thousand rupees. Mother Mamoni Borgohain alone raised us. She is the strongest woman. He is the one who took the poultry and wages, and took forward the sisters and taught them to win every challenge.

People used to say to father you must have committed some sin, then God gave three girls

He sent us out to play regardless of the people. People in the village used to taunt us sisters that these girls will not be able to do anything. I took such people very seriously, because mother was feeding us despite all the difficulties. We made these forces our strength. Some people even used to say to Dad that you must have committed a sin, which God gave three girls, but today the whole village is proud of us sisters.

Both of my older sisters Leesha and Lima are twins. She has won gold at the Muay Thai Martial Arts nationally. At the age of 13, I also started playing Muay Thai. But Indian boxing coach Padum Bodo saw my game and opted for training. Olympic gold is a dream, so strict routines are kept. There are 4 months in the Olympics, before that I am correcting the deficiencies. Now I will increase the training load.

Watch videos of mohammad ali and mike tyson

Idol says of the boxer, I watch videos of Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson. Especially Mohammad Ali, because he was a long boxer. My length is also 5 feet 11 inches. He played more than the foot movement and long distance. I also try to play like that.

Mother’s kidney needs to be transplanted, wants Lovlina to train only. Father Tiken says, I know daughters. His mother is behind the success of the three daughters. Lavlina’s mother is currently waiting for a kidney transplant.

Lovelina says, I am very concerned about my mother’s health because I should have been with her at this time. I talk to them on the phone every day. The father says that the whole family is worried about Lovlina’s mother. But she wants Lavlina to concentrate only on training.


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