Bhaskar Interview: Manoj Muntashir said on the Janeudhari poem controversy – I will release a complete writing on the birth anniversary of Chandrashekhar ji on 27th February

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Songs of Bollywood lyricist and writer Manoj Muntashir become a hit as soon as it is released. At the same time, nowadays, as soon as he speaks, Alphas gets surrounded by controversy. Last year he had written two lines for Shaheed Chandrashekhar, the hunter kept rubbing his hands… Ud gaya bird broke the box, the last bullet killed himself.. Jio Tiwari, Janeudhari …. After that Manoj was criticized a lot. He was also called very bad on social media. Manoj Muntashir spoke to Dainik Bhaskar about the poem and also promised to fulfill it. Read excerpt:

Why did the controversy arise over the jio tiwari janeudhari? Is it a crime to put a surname?
Not at all, I will call him Tiwari again. When you have already reminded me, let me tell you that this poem was not complete yet. But if you asked this question, I am saying that 27th February is the birth anniversary of Chandrashekhar Azad ji. On that day I will write it down and release it completely.

What was the emotional part in changing from Manoj Shukla to Muntashir?
The emotional part in this was just that a Brahmin has always been called a Dwij. He is called dvija because he has two births. One is what he takes from the womb of the mother, the other who takes birth from the womb of knowledge. To be my Muntashir was to be born from the womb of my dreams. I am Manoj Shukla and proudly call myself Manoj Shukla. Manoj Muntashir happened because I had to take my art to a much bigger stage.

What was the reaction of the householders when they bought Urdu book for the first time?
Urdu is not the language of any one, it is the language of the whole of India. So when you learn Urdu I don’t think you are doing something which should not be done. It is the language born from this India. When I learned Urdu, my parents were happy that the son was learning another language, what’s wrong with it.

The song ‘Teri Mitti’ didn’t get an award? Still sorry?
For me, the love of the audience is the award and believe me there is no greater award than this. Now I do not even think about that, just keep getting the love of the audience like this, this is the best honor for me.

What were the lyrics of the first song I wrote?
Man, I don’t even remember the first song I wrote. But the first song that became a hit is Teri Gaaliyan Woh I Remember.

By staying in the country, the patriotism of the people would be awakened?
Love your country because you will find many things to love, but nothing good and true will come from it. This is the country about which I have said, that country is my wealth on your pride, is it more than your dustโ€ฆ.

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