Bhaskar Interview: Producer Vijay Kirgunder said – Sample survey was done on 8 thousand people of North and South for KGF-2

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KGF 2 has created history at the box office. It has become the second highest grossing film of the country. In this case, he has also defeated Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’. Daily newspaper Exclusively spoke to the producer of the film, Vijay Kirgandur. Tried to know how this film could achieve larger than life success. What are the preparations to expand it further?

Have to bet big on the second part of ‘KGF’, what were the reasons behind that?
After the success of Part One of the film, we did a sample survey on a total of 8 thousand people from North and South. That survey was about how much people know about ‘KGF’ or its characters? Incidentally, 90 per cent of the people in that sample survey expressed their knowledge of the film. Also told about Hero Yash that he is from Karnataka.

Incidentally, such surveys are conducted by political parties about themselves and opposition leaders before elections?
Incidentally, the agency that conducted the field survey in the South was named ‘Rajneeti’. In the North, we got a telephonic survey done by an online ticket booking company. We did not conduct a survey in Karnataka in the South, because people were aware there. We did a sample survey on three thousand people in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. From that we all came to the conclusion that it will be a very antisipad movie. No matter how many days and how much money it takes, we have to create something big?

Made it on grand scale with some changes. Tried to do good music. Tried to attract the younger generation. Our expectation was very high. No one was ready to pay. we gambled

How much was the budget in the second part of KGF?
The production budget of the film was 200 crores. We did this by sharing profits with the hero and other stakeholders of the film. We all shared the model of profit sharing on the success of the film. so that everyone can be happy.

The film is a massive hit, so when will its part three come? After two or three years?
Director Prashant Neel is currently busy with ‘Saalar’. 30 to 35 percent of his shooting has been completed. The next schedule is starting from next week. It is set to be completed by October-November this year. So from October onwards we are going to start the shoot of ‘KGF3’. We are planning to release it in the year 2024 itself.

Will Yash play the role of Rocky Bhai in all the sequels? Or can some other actor also come?
Going forward, we are going to develop the franchise as Marvel Universe. We want to create a universe like Doctor Strange by bringing together interesting characters from different films. Like in ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’. Or in ‘Doctor Strange’. So that we can reach as many audiences as possible.

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