Bhaskar interview: Sajid Khan, who was emotional after remembering his late brother, said – I am left alone, Salman sometimes makes up the lack of Wajid

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11 minutes agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

Music composer Sajid Khan is seen as a captain in the reality show ‘Indian Pro Music League’. In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Sajid shared some special things related to the show. During this time he also remembered his late brother Wajid Khan. During this, Sajid, who was emotional, told that after losing father and brother, he has become completely alone. But superstar Salman Khan sometimes makes up for the lack of Wajid.

‘Salman Khan sometimes becomes a Wajid for me’

Salman Khan is our biggest source of inspiration. It is a lot of fun to work with him. They just have a demand that none of our previous work be repeated. They themselves are very experimental and also encourage people to experiment. The second thing is that they never take time to select music. Sometimes it happens that even four lines of the song do not come out and they call it a hit. I don’t remember ever having heard the whole song in a meeting? Now when Wajid is no more, he sometimes becomes Wajid for me. Make up their shortcomings. Salman has become more protective of me after Wajid’s departure.

‘Salman’s Radhe and the last is our music too’

We also have music in Salman Khan’s ‘Radhey: Your Most Wanted Bhi’, ‘Last: The Final Truth’. Salman has been working with brother for many years and both our brothers have always tried to keep ahead of time. We never tried to recreate our superhit songs in the same way. I call DJs that they are not able to remix our songs. This is an achievement in itself.

‘This show is one step different from every reality show till date’

I have been a part of many reality shows till now. However, this show will remain very close to my heart. My brother was also very close to Wajid. Worked very hard. Every attention has been paid to it. Whether it is the grooming of contestants or lighting on stage. I think this show is a step apart from every reality show till date. Reality shows have proved beneficial for new talent. I think ‘Indian Pro Music League’ is an advanced show that people will definitely like.

‘I am alone after father and brother leave’

I have a very small but important role in the show. There is a lot of fear in singing along with so many professional singers. In my career, I have worked as a music director on many songs till now. During that time Wajid used to join as a singer. However, here I have to sing now. Hope to hear the audience properly. My father Ustad Sharafat Ali Khan Sahab and brother Wajid always said that we have to learn at every age. This started my different type of education, where both my father and brother are not together. I am alone

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